Bruno's TS and Discord ban appeal

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: Bruno / Sith App Bruno
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104464573
Server: (Jedi vs Sith or Skyrim): JvS
Banning Staff: Whiskey
Reason for Ban: Sexism
Ban Time: Perm
What did you do?: I said why does beyonce say to the left to the left because women dont have rights... As a joke
Why you should be unbanned: That was a stupid reason and also im trying to come back.. Also im sorry for the sexism jokes
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-1, just on the server today you had to be banned for telling people to kill them selves and other disrespectful shit I had to warn you for, no chill, will +1 if you show improvement.


I mean I didn't ban you but ok, Dwayne did. You were going in and out of a lot of channels making sexist jokes, not just the one that I was in.


This man came on today and got banned for a day for giving me multiple death threats because I killed him once. In a game, on Kashyyk. I don’t know if he’s really changed from his old mingy ways.
-1 has recieved multiple warnings prior to being banned. If Arata also just said you were warned for telling people to "Kill themselves" why should you be unbanned? You didn't even put an apology for your reason, you just said the warn was stupid.
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