Buff Money bags

I think money bags should be buffed again since as of now crafting is rarely used (outside of making Trade-up BP's and rare crystals.) Money-bags are a complete waste of cash right now since they give like ~20k per hour of hitting a Rock/Tree (Outside of the AFK Zone) I think the 2nd or 3rd day of the server (ingredient wise and how much money they give) would probably be the best since now there is the AFK room and grinding mats is against the rules aswell as the fact that Tree's/Iron (in the actual world) now give slightly less resources.

Selling the RAW ingredients for crafting money bags can pay out better than the crafting the money-bag itself some of the time aswell. Selling your resources to the crafting guy can give you more money than actually making money bags.

As of now the only actual method of getting rich is to either get lucky in an Arti/Ancient raid or be lucky while gambling

I also put this in #community-suggestions a while ago but i'm putting it on the forums so it gets seen more and I can write/type more