CC Wipe 8/25/19

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So I will be doing another CC wipe, I know, I know. We just had one, but we got a lot on inactive players with CCs and it could free up some models and clear some lag.

If you just got your CC in you still need to post here.

So make sure that you follow the format in order to keep your CC in the server.
Don't space it all out.

Last chance to post will be on Friday 8/25/2019 at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST. I will lock the thread after that and start to wipe the CCs.

If you miss the deadline, wait until I post a recover thread one week from that Friday.

If you fail to follow the format, or I know that you are inactive, I will delete your post and DM you.

If you fail to give me the correct Steam ID, your CC will be deleted. A proper SteamID looks like this STEAM_0: an invalid one looks like STEAM_1 if it is an 1 after the underscore, that is not your SteamID. Fix this, use this site

Edit 1: No I will not take a discord DM, you must post on here. If you are having problems with your account, either talk to Shepard or make a new account.

In-Game Name:
CC name in F4 menu:
Model link(s):
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Current in game name: Darth Ray
Faction: Sith
Did you pay for this?: Yes, I indeed did.

Which job are you wanting to rework?: The "Black Skull" or /rayy Job.

Job Name: snoop dogg
Name Color: (RGB code) 255,20,147 OR #FF1493
Link to Model:
Model ID: models/player/voikanaa/snoop_dogg.mdl
Character Description: The 420 and meme lord
Character Command: /snoopdogg
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:111947686
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