Chili's Gray Jedi App


Gray Jedi Application Form

Steam Name: Chili's
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54595552
CC Model ID: models/epangelmatikes/revan/revan_opt.mdl (Sith Life) and models/player/swtor/arsenic/mandoservers/mandalorianstormbringer.mdl (Trooper Life)
Current names/ranks on server: Blade of the Order Peppers, DSC SA Lord Chilis, ICT-SGT: Ball, Blackfin Capo: Crisis
Level: 100, 100, 100, 70
Number of warns (active/total): 0 (As per my knowledge)
Time on Server (approx): I'm very active and I believe I've been on for a few months now

In your own words, describe what Gray Jedi means to you: A Gray Jedi means to be a force using individual who does not align with a particular order, whether it be for personal, moral or political reasons.

Explain your goal as Gray Jedi: My goal as a Gray Jedi is to participate in and help bolster the ranks of the new Cartels and mercenaries on the server. I know that there aren't a whole lot of Gray Jedi on right now and I wish to help pave the way to teach others how to rp as Gray.

Explain why you feel you should be allowed to be Gray: I feel I should be allowed to be Gray because I believe I have the rp skills to do so. I've also spent a fair amount of time on each faction so I know how best to interact with both the Jedi and Sith should the opportunity arise.