Community Fandom


I think it would be really cool if this community had its own fandom page. To those unfamiliar, fandom is a website where you can create a free wiki for whatever it is you want.

Information that would be added to this could be as follows:
  • Server Information
  • A new player guide that can help players with getting started.
  • Community Lore
  • All the guests and information about them
  • The type of crystals there are as well as the hilts.
  • All Abilities and how to get them.
  • A Roster for each faction
  • Explanation of all the factions and organization for all factions.
  • Used as an IC Archive that factions can use to learn information and where new information learned can be logged.
In short this could be a one stop for all information pertaining to the community in an organized and professional looking fashion. A team if desired would be put together for those interested in maintaining the information on the wiki.

The website is as follows for those interested in checking it out:
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