csgo or siege

In seige, you can do really stupid shit because of the flexibility of the map and operators, such as spawn rushing, recruit rushing, only shields, and using pulse and tachanka as a combo. #pulchanka But in csgo there is not a lot of flexibility with the game.


Didn't you get VAC banned from it or somethin? owo

No lol.
But VAC is so terrible anyone and everyone can cheat on CSGO and get away with it. Hence why its so shit unless ur on ESEA, which means you pay more money after already buying the game.
Siege is actual garbage. Just strolling through my emails today, I see my Siege account gets banned for cheating, even though I haven't touched the game in more than a year. That is ubishit for you, nice security, also nice clown lookin ass skins that totally wouldn't be there without CSGO doing it in the first place :cool: