Don't let this little kid vote


This post is talking about putting an end to rde's toxicity but it's just starting more TOXICITY WARS lol


Personally, I like RDE as well as I like the other players on the server, as many of you stated above that he is banned on the server, while this is correct he should still be given a voice and an opinion as he may bring his thoughts and opinions to the table. I feel some people, in particular, are taking his '-1' to heart and I think that is kinda stupid as people have said themselves "he is permabanned and will not come back for a looooooooooooong time" he only just got banned and his encounters and opinions are still relevant to the server/discord/ts/forums. RDE is a nice dude if you get to know him and if you don't like him, don't take his opinion into account even though it may be correct. -1


votes don’t always decide weather a person a app or appeal is accepted or not and it is staff opinion most of the time, and your you haven’t been on the server and don’t have a valid opinion statement is invalid because I have reason to -1 or +1.
why are you responding to a post made in 2019 wtf