Dragonlord_82 (Ja'cal/Lucas's) Hero Application


Steam Name - Dragonlord_82

Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:196652460

Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Elder Sorcerer Ja’cal (Left the empire but is still listed to DC), Sage Lucas Bane (Jedi Council), Grey Arcanist Granite (Specific EC that I will delete soon), SDWOP CPL Duff.

Server Playtime - 3 weeks, 6 days, 11 hours

Garry’s Mod Playtime - 1675.9

Warn Count - 0

Age - 18


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Event Character roles require a good amount of knowledge of lore, server history, and current server events.

Answer these questions as best you can to demonstrate these attributes.

Minimum effort will not be tolerated.

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?

The force interests me the most in the Star Wars Universe it holds so much power and wonder everything can be decided via being patient and keeping to the light or submitting to your anger and losing yourself to the dark it is a constant balance that is easily broken and there is so much that is unknown such as the power to restore lives or take them it interests me the most as either way there are choices and a sense of mystery and a sense of power for those who want to be patient of just take it for themselves.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?

The name of the character is General Grievous a galaxy known Jedi Hunter and the Supreme leader of the Droid Army in the Clone Wars however he used to be a Kaleesh Warrior the Kaleesh were at constant war with another species called the Yam’rii, a greedy insectoid species came to Kalee with their advanced technology. A war broke out a war that sent Kalee into something that could only be described as hell however as the war raged on a Kaleesh by the name of Qymaen jai Sheelal was born and as time passed he became a warrior of death slaying thousands of the Yam’rii so many in fact that he became known as a demigod on his home planet. The Yam’rii were desperate so much so that they pulled back from Kalee and ran to the republic and begged for help forging a story to make the Kaleesh look like the aggressors and the fools bought it prompting the Jedi Order to get involved they were sent to Kalee and the Kaleesh were punished, Tortured, Starved out as for Qymaen he lost his tribe, family and his honor. The sight of seeing the ones he loved and led fall to the hands of the republic and jedi sparked a hatred that burns deep in his soul he wanted the republic dead he kept on fighting but for others as he joined the intergalactic banking clan and became a formidable agent amongst their ranks, but this caught the eye of a man who went by the name of Count Dooku a Sith lord along with the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, they wanted this asset so Count Dooku sabotaged Qymaens ship causing it to fail and blow up leaving the Kaleesh Warrior in a near death state he was given a choice then which he accepted this choice was to convert him into a cyborg the most dangerous cyborg General in existence he became the Feared General Grievous however like most of Sidious’ agents Grievous was trained in lightsaber Combat by Count Dooku and he eventually started his quest taking Lightsabers as trophy’s and learnt how to use his four mechanical arms in combat as well as this during the transition from Kaleesh to Merciless Machine Count Dooku not only added a chip to his head to furthermore increase his hatred and aggression towards the Republic Dooku also attempted to make Grievous force sensitive by bathing him in the blood of a fallen jedi master which of course failed in the end. Throughout the Clone Wars he was the Supreme Leader of the droid army and was a warrior that Jedi Masters such as Mace WIndu didn’t wish to fight as in combat Grievous started mimicking Windu’s Vapaad form which was only ever used by himself. the only one who stood a chance was the Jedi Council member Obi-wan Kenobi THE master of Form 3 Soresu which ended up being the right choice as throughout the clone Wars Obi-wan and Grievous had always fought one another so with one last climatic duel Obi-wan destroyed Grievous leaving the Cyborg General to die on the planet Utapau.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?

The character Role I have selected will allow me to be free from the binds of the Sith and Jedi plus I wish to become this character due to my personal love towards the whole of Reborn and the character himself I selected this role after months of going over it in my head it is a decision I am sure of.

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?

My characters main Motivation is simple destroy the Jedi Order and Republic by commanding his army of Battle Droids and fighting if must he is a strategic genius a warrior but also a coward who will run if he must, I will use him as discussed with the Gamemaster Belial (Vasulitu) in the CSI events they do he will be the supreme leader an we will discuss he will progress my story of being a ruthless Jedi hunter.


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What is your connection to this character?

Ever since I discovered Star Wars General Grievous has been one of my absolute favourite characters in the Series he was the reason I watched the 2003 Micro Series then the movies, Clone wars and the entirety of Star wars itself he is a character who I know inside and out hence why I chose to be him I understand how he works inside and out a warrior who will use unfair strategies to win but his strategies are usually without Flaw his first appearance left about 5 jedi either dead or near death as well as him having a cough due to his Armored casing the connection to him is that I would never have become a part of this amazing community without him.

What is your understanding of this character's origins and history?

I understand the characters Origins and History well from both a Official cannon stand point as well as some parts from the legends universe I know he was once honourable and a fierce warrior but I also know he has gone through great pain and has strived for the power he has gotten despite being nothing more than Dooku’s errand boy.

How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?

He will be a hateful Cyborg that Followed the CIS to the present point in the reborn timeline the CIS had arrived from the furthest parts of the galaxy first appearing on Kashyyyk with unrecognized droids attacking the Jedi Order. The only information that was recovered was the name CIS later on the republic forces were sent to Tatooine upon a following a Holocron that was received and opened by Jedi Knight Lucas Bane, an enemy base had been discovered seeing as this was a threat to the Republic controlled world the Republic was sent to drive them off planet. The mysterious CIS finally communicated with them and warned them to back away or be killed the Republic of course refused and a battle broke out for the planet the CIS was dealt with aside from one droid that was tricked by Lucas Bane by imitating how the droids sounded it thought that the Jedi were disguised droids, and they took the droid back to Tython to question it. as this occurred the attacks got more aggressive only seeming to want to destroy the Republic never messing with the Sith as they grew more powerful and conquered planets, they soon revealed a whole CIS Fleet to the Republic however the leader of this Fleet never made an appearance just the second in command, this leader escaped with his life and most of his Fleet for now however, we must look back in time to a younger time on the primitive world of Kalee a world full of barbaric warriors one was set to rise above their people as somewhat of a demi-god but life never treats those who want power fairly a battle broke on this world Pirates on the hunt for a quick few credits they were much more advanced and well equipped with weapons such as blasters, thermal detonators and even the casual flamethrower to deal with the dense trees, the Warriors did not stand down they fought until the end until our demi-god friend was caught in the blast of a Grenade it left them in pieces and alone their planet was decimated and no one survived but for our wounded Kaleesh warrior luck had struck as a man covered in darkness offered a way for the Warrior to survive thus gave the birth to the most powerful Cyborg of all time. Now we move on to the first attack a warrior part man and part machine had encountered a squad of Republic troopers doing a recon mission in the outer rim being the effective hunter he was this Cyborg executed them before his appearance was revealed however this did get one Jedi's attention one Jedi who had been watching over that squad a certain Obi-wan Kenobi. This Jedi could not just leave his squad on the off chance any survived so he went to investigate and all he saw was bloodshed the troopers had been killed but not by any blasters they were Lightsaber slashes a Sith perhaps? No, the attacks were stronger and deeper, almost like a machine, suddenly. Kenobi was under attack by this Cyborg. It had emerged from the ground four Lightsabers in hand 2 blue and 2 green and immediately had attacked giving Kenobi no time to think only to ignite his Lightsaber and rely on his Form 3 Mastery. The duel was fierce almost even on both ends but the Cyborg had just gained the upper hand thanks to his 4 Lightsabers and by the end of such a fierce battle Kenobi was left near dead but before the Cyborg could finish the job reinforcements could be seen in the distance Kenobi had sent a distress signal before engaging with the Cyborg. As much as he despised this, he decided that being smart and not wanting to be turned to dust by the blasters of the ships That he had to retreat so he did just that leaving Kenobi in critical condition but due to the Cyborgs quick retreat aside from Kenobi no one else had spotted him. once returning to the fleet the one who surpassed anyone in command above the entirety of the CIS recognized his strength and his ability to analyze a situation and not let his pride get in his way he was rewarded and from that day forward he was not seen as just a nameless Cyborg no he was given the title of General Grievous Supreme Leader of the CIS’ Droid army. He struck wherever he could but, in his mind, only one thing burned he wanted the death of the one who escaped him he wanted Obi-wan Kenobi’s head so whilst not engaged in missions he would do nothing but hunt and search for Kenobi. This will be explored upon in an event hosted by Belial (Vasulitu) the current head of the CIS storyline Grievous will hunt and take a city and all its people hostage keeping a CIS warship above the city so no one can call for help and no one can escape he will send a message to the Republic asking for a certain Obi-wan Kenobi and when the whole Republic strike force arrives he will send his army to destroy the republic forces apart from Kenobi he wants to deal with him by himself once the duo meet again a fierce duel will break out whoever wins or loses here will settle old scores but at the end of the duel whoever is near death will be saved by their respective sides and they will retreat depending on who wins this duel depends where the story goes next will the city be obliterated by the CIS fleet or will the republic win and save the day.

What makes you best suited to fill this role?

As I mentioned Previously I have discussed with Vasulitu about my love for this character and willingness to help them with their CIS events by having the Supreme leader of the Droid army himself it will add to the experience for many not only to the event organiser but also the players that take part to have the Cyborg General played by someone who understands the character inside and out and by someone who absolutely adores them gives me the upper hand when it comes to playing them.
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Would like to see some changes to the character history to adapt it to the Reborn timeline as opposed to just his canon history.
Also some explanation for the CIS in this timeline and their goals, and how Grievous got his General rank.
Would like to see some changes to the character history to adapt it to the Reborn timeline as opposed to just his canon history.
Also some explanation for the CIS in this timeline and their goals, and how Grievous got his General rank.
hope the changes I have made will be acceptable I apologise that took me so long I haven't checked this in a little while