Dryles' Warn Appeal

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Your Steam ID and/or IGN: STEAM_0:1:80110346

Staff Member who Warned: Zozo

Warn reason: Bhop

What happened?: Uhhhh, so I got back and it was my first or second day on and I bhopped on Tat like once and then Zozo grapped me with a physgun from like 100 feet away, pulled me to him, warned me, then dropped me and just let me go. No one had talked to me about bhopping before, no sit, no verbal, just warned me. I love you Zozo but this was mean >:'(

Why you should your appeal be accepted?: I only bhopped one time and there was no sit or anything. If I was brought into a sit, given a verbal, I would be ok with it. If I did it again, yea straight up warn me because I deserve it but I wasn't given a verbal or anything. I think Zozo is a good staff, he just had a oopsie or had a bad day or something idk just plz accept thanks.

Any sort of proof(photo,video): Nah bruh
+1 this is not the first time Zozo has just grabbed people, warned them for Bhop, and then let them go with no explanation. It seems that he needs to have the concept of a sit explained to him.


The rule has been no bhopping for a long time, even before you left. We are enforcing the rules and older players/regular players do not receive sits anymore since they know better than to break the rules. Since this appeal is on me I can't accept or deny it. Regardless of if the people that will +1 this because they do not like the rule doesn't matter, it is still a rule and it's going to be enforced just like the rest.
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