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I had an idea that would be a good rework of duel wielding, now of course I know we added a majority of the old fashioned Arrogant back in terms of the forms, kinda sad about cutting the right move in half, but I mean... it's good. I won't complain too much, there's a lot of things to be reworked and tweaked, so I know we're nowhere near final product in terms of everything.

But I thought that instead of having to do a bunch of other character stats to obtain Duel Wielding, I thought it would be big brain if we just made it to where you have to have 35/40+ in one character build tree, such as Strength. It makes sense that way because I wouldn't have to get all these annoying force powers that I don't really want, just kinda fills up my force selections. Also it would mean only Master/Darth can duel wield. IDK I thought this would be really clever, but I wanna hear what players/developers have to say. I'm enjoying hearing the community's thoughts on reworking the server slowly but surely to make everything as perfect as it should be. This is easily one of the best JvS servers that has ever existed and I look forward to seeing the final product of everything in due time. The dev's have done some amazing work so far and I can't FUCKING wait to see what's to come. Keep up the good shit gents.

(Sorry for constantly pushing Duel Wield reworks, I just have such a passion for this stance and I want it to be equal to using a single saber/dual saber when it comes to combat/danage. I tried rearranging my build today for the tournament for COT and I just could not get a good build, either I was too weak with more damage, or vise versa. Which is understanable as a Knight/Lord, but I'm hoping to either have it restricted to a certain rank just because of how good the stance and use of it is, or maybe changing the stat requirements, because as a Knight trying to use duel wielding and having to throw points where I don't want them, I can't keep the same HP/DMG build and still be equal to builds without Moderation/DuelWielding) I mean who knows.. Maybe becoming Master (in the many months to come) will help fix the build, it probable that I just don't have enough character points to make my build where it needs to be, but then again this is just a hypothetical suggestion.

See you homies in game.
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These are my stances on Dual Wielding:
1) Ronnie rework on the requirements of dual wielding is great. (maybe small tweaks on point distribution)
2) Fix arrogant poke its literally half an animation, make it a bit longer and faster, Right now it can only really be used for a fakes and warning attacks
3) Maybe just create a brand new stance for Dual-Wielding. I will be more than happy to look the animations we can use and create one for the server. This allows Dual-Wielding its own unique form which make more appealing and worth wild to drop 1/2 your points in at knight level.

I think overall that its coming to a point to where dual-wielding is more viable but it still has a ways to go before it starts to become more inclusive to use. (I also just don't want everyone to be using dual-wielding thats just lame and makes no sense.)