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Senior Gamemaster
Steam name: m0nst3r1511
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:435022289
Ingame name(s): BA Lord Fishyy, IG IT-PFC: Pure, TST OST App, Female
Current play time: 1 day 6 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds
Time in Garry’s Mod: (on another account) 1800 hours, (this account) 33 hours
Amount of warns: none

Previous Gamemaster/Event making Experience: I was a GM for another JVS server about 2 years ago and last year was a TGM for Icefuse
Server(s):Ferret RP, Icefuse MRP
Time as position:8 months (was also S Admin). 2 months as a TGM

(Check off the answer you choose with a “x”.)

Would you consider yourself an good builder?
(side note: It depends on the build, over all I can do decent.)
[X] yes

[ ] no

Experience with Garry’s Mod construction and NPC control: (if none leave blank) Im good with building as long as I have something in mind. I can spawn some NPC's in but other than that not to good

Are you able to create a cohesive story?
[X] yes
[ ] no

Experience with the creation of storylines, and knowledge of star wars lore: I write my own books so I like to think im decently creative, star wars lore is iffy but if I need to I can search it up and get something, and I used to do events 3 times a week for 8 months so I think that I have a lot of experience when it comes to event making.

Have you ever assisted in an event on Reborn in the past?
[ ] yes
[X] no
If so how many times?
[ ]

Can you work well with others to plan and execute an event?
[X] yes
[ ] no

As a game master what do you desire to do? (ie: Build, create story, etc.): I can do anything I am needed to do. I am good with making stories whether they need to be serious or fun. So as long as I am given an Idea for an area and a place to build or if need be I can create a quick story. Or I can be a part of the event and RP with the players

Plan an event (story based or building based):A looter from Coruscant went to a planet but his engine malfunctioned and he crash landed on Ilum and now is in need of assistance because some Monsters are over running him. He is hunkered down in a near by building but needs immediate assistance. That's when the players come in they take out all the bad guys nearby and help the looter. He then explains that there is a teleporter in his ship wreckage and needs help to get it. He then will set it up somewhere near the buildings and they will teleport to a new area where they now need to fight their way to the gate keeper which is holding the secret he was looking for. there will be different stages through different hallways. The players will need to fight through a series of antlion guards, fast zombies, and more. It will be about 3 stages in total with more and more enemies each time. The entire time they have to protect the looter for if he dies there is no telling what can happen. They will be stuck there forever. After getting past the second stage the looter will explain that they are getting close and that this is the hardest part because there is a gate keeper. This stage will be a boss and his minions. Honestly Unsure of what the boss is right now. After the players defeat the boss and all the minions the looter thanks them and asks them to open the crate for him. (they will /advert it). The looter finds what he was looking for. Its an old beat up looking light saber. The looter then will turn back and then attack the players as the looter is the final boss and turned on his comrades out of greed. He did not want them to get this lightsaber or wonder what it is. neither did he want witnesses. Once they beat down the Looter, the looter will say his final words then perish. Then the players are congratulated and rolls are given out

User Administrative Agreement
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:
- Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, and neglect of the responsibilities placed on Gamemasters


User Permission Clause
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I, Fishyy , have permission from Mojang to make my application (either via forum private message, steam, or in-game).
I also acknowledge that If I am lying about my permission that I will be denied the right to apply for any Gamemaster position in the future.


Player Interview
Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? (Please elaborate - minimum effort will not be tolerated): I feel like I am more qualified than other players because I have more experience than them and I feel as if I will be able to add to the GM community and maybe add in more events to do. And possibly help the GameMasters and give anything I feel like would be helpful towards the events and to the GameMasters. I tend to be very creative and can come up with a story in a few minutes. I am helpful towards my team mates and respectful to everyone. I do my best to bring joy through events in the best way I can and make sure they are enjoyable for everyone. I am very determined to make myself the best GameMaster I can be if I make the role. I take criticism well and I use that to improve for the next event and make it better than before. I strive to make the events and story line fun and easy to understand for everyone. I am very active and on every day. I plan on meeting any quota given to me, and possibly exceeding it.
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Great event, extremely active, and a person who genuinely cares about the state of the server. Would do well within the gamemaster team.


Senior Gamemaster
Before I vote, Why were you just a TGM on Icefuse? Reason for failing your GM trial?
I was a TGM only because I didnt want to be a part of the server anymore. The staff were toxic and so was the community. So I told them I wasnt gonna be a part of the team anymore and I left.


It is what it is
Accepted. Get on the ts3 and talk to a gamemaster+ and apply for trial game master on Discord.
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