Gray Application and Rules. Updates will happen.

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Post all Gray Jedi Applications at this section of the forum.

Note: Must be at least level 75 with 3 or less warns (any over 2 months old do not apply). If warns go over 20 in total, regardless of age, you will be removed.

Gray Jedi Application Form

Steam Name:
Steam ID:
CC Model ID:
Current names/ranks on server:
Number of warns (active/total):
Time on Server (approx):

In your own words, describe what Gray Jedi means to you:

Explain your goal as Gray Jedi:

Explain why you feel you should be allowed to be Gray:

Please note. At anytime you can be removed from Gray. It is a privilege and should be taken seriously. Failure to maintain good RP standings may result in loss of position by staff's discretion.

At anytime your warns go above 3 active or 20 total you are removed from Gray. Anytime your levels go below 185 you are removed as well.


  1. A Gray is to have their spawns on neutral planets, mainly Tatooine.
  2. Gray's are individuals. Their actions shall be judged and acted on as their own. They may choose to work together with other Gray's or factions but do not have to.
  3. Gray's may not attack people without a valid RP reason. They may defend themselves/others in raids and stand up for their personal beliefs.
  4. Gray's must get permission to go to a Home planet. Permission can be granted permanently from any council+ of the home faction.
  5. A Gray can have 4 interactions with a home planet permission. Null means need perms to warp unless on mission. Perms mean you can go freely. Banished means you can't go without perms, not even for missions. Exiled means if you go, and die on planet, you are PK'd.
  6. A Gray must have Grey or Gray in their name. They can have any title they want, as long as it is RP friendly. And the title carries no power.
  7. A Gray can have a factions comms for 1 week if given by a faction leader only.
  8. Gray's can assist or defend in an Overthrow, but doing so puts them up for PK. When a OT is called, they must advert Assist or Defend within 4 minutes, or leave.
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