Illumi's Ban Appeal #2

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Any ban appeal that is created not using this template will be ignored until is changed to the correct format.

Steam Name and In-Game Name: rathernot imaginethat Student Padawan Illumi
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:593139683
Banning Staff: Dragon
Reason for Ban: alting
Ban Time: perma
What did you do?: using a alt account after being perma
Why you should be unbanned: I just wanna play the game. also heads up no shit I cheated the point of the ban appeal????????????

Proof of any kind would help in appealing your ban. The only ones that can appeal your ban is at least two super admins or one owner. Lying in an appeal will result in an instant denial and an increase in ban time. Insulting the staff team or someone else will result in an instant denial. Any other questions can be asking as a response to this thread. Thanks for the time.


Super Administrator
-1 ur previous appeal got denied and u out here already posting another one


ok sure then, make a good reason other than "I just wanna play the game" for why we should accept this.
ok sure then, make a good reason other than "I just wanna play the game" for why we should accept this.
I'm so confused about how can I make a good reason. what do expect me to say "I won't hack again...." ur not gonna buy it????? I made an alt knowing I wasn't going to get unbanned I just wanted to have fun....... like now I wasn't breaking any major rules to justify a permaban. It's so easy to tell how the staff team operates u want people to make an apology letter to get unbanned kinda pathetic. I think wanting to play the game is a good enough reason. i wouldn't know how to come up with a good reason to be unbanned for hacking then alting. Isn't the reason I got caught is that u have a good anti-cheat? so why haven't I've been banned on my alt. cause I wasn't hacking to be banned from anti-cheat. CORRECT DING DING
its not an anti cheat, its an anti-exploits bruh. the cheat you're using is basically undetectable except for 1 server that dumps thousands of dollars into an anti cheat
-1, you obviously didn't care and even came back on an alt. If you wanted to play you shouldn't of cheated and shouldn't of came back on an alt
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