Invalids Warn Appeal for BHop

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IGN:BB Lord Invalid

SteamID 64 (Ex: 76561198068568843):76561198799351570

Staff Member who Warned:Eggco

Warn reason:Bhop

What happened?:I was chasing eggo and I force jumped and I jumped after the I landed and he thought I bhopped

Why you should your appeal be accepted?:Because I didnt Bhop and believe it is a false warn and no verbal just warn with no proof at all of me bhopping

Any sort of proof(photo,video):No proof

Arata Winters

Neutral? A while back it was discussed that experienced players wouldn't recive verbals over most rules because they are supposed to know them already and doing a jump after a force leap is considered Bhoping


Senior Admin
After talking with you and Eggo in teamspeak, you admitted to Bhopping. While you did say you didn't mean to doesn't really matter. It is up to the warning staff discretion to warn you or not and Eggo chose to warn you. I believe he choose to warn you because you are an active member and have seen many people get warned for bhopping.

Warn Appeal Denied.
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