Koba's Ban Appeal

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: Dank, Shade Koba
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24769422
Server: JvS
Banning Staff: Shepard
Reason for Ban: "Being a massive cunt" (according to the ban)
Ban Time: Permanent
What did you do?: Called out Anzati for stealing quest dialogue from another community instead of having any creativity lol
Why you should be unbanned:
Based on chat logs with Shepard, I think I should be unbanned because the only reason I was banned in the first place was pointing out that his devs are stealing content. Instead, I got blatant homophobia, and complete denial of a PK that happened a year and a half ago that HE APPEALED after seeing the proof of the situation. Obviously considering it's the owner who banned me, I don't expect this to get appealed. However, I want to make it clear to everyone what actually happened here and make sure everyone knows how fucked up it is to do this to a GVIP who's enjoyed this server for nearly 2 years.

The last time I was banned and had to appeal, was because they had me confused with Shade Tano. I had to change my name because I got tired of the entire staff treating me with hostility because they thought I was someone else and couldn't be bothered to read the last name or hear the drastically different voice. Multiple staff members have profusely apologized to me for how I was treated over this misunderstanding, including Cause and ScaryTiger. However, Shepard seems unconvinced that we're different people and I just want to make sure this point is made here that we are not.

Despite the fact that I have my own server, I want to make it clear that I have it for development purposes. I have a small community of play testers for my coding projects, and have never advertised or run the server in a competitive fashion, or made any attempt to profit off of it. However, that does not give anyone the right to just steal content. I was only pointing it out to Shepard so he was aware that Anzati is likely stealing content from MANY servers for the current iteration of Reborn, and it makes the whole server look scummy when it's actually just him.

The PK he's denying:
It's technically irrelevant to my ban appeal so I'm not gonna bother digging for timestamps. Anyone who's been here long enough knows how toxic and homophobic Cause and Dwayne are for doing this. (They are Rocket Man 1 and Rocket Man 2 for the few of you who aren't familiar with this incident.)

The conversation that resulted in the current ban:
[6:33 PM] dankrabbit: whoever is making your quests is stealing my custom quest dialogue
[6:34 PM] Shepard N7: Lmfao
[6:34 PM] dankrabbit: pretty sad tbh a lot of people have pointed it out to me
[6:35 PM] dankrabbit: Who's writing your quests?
[6:35 PM] Shepard N7: Probably anzati
[6:35 PM] dankrabbit: LMAO
[6:35 PM] dankrabbit: k have fun with that one
[6:36 PM] Shepard N7: Oh this is shade koba
[6:36 PM] Shepard N7: Yea I thought you seemed like a massive cunt
[6:36 PM] dankrabbit: says the one having anzati work for him lmao
[6:36 PM] Shepard N7: Better than having you work for me
[6:36 PM] dankrabbit: bruh at least I know how to code
[6:37 PM] dankrabbit: anzati killed your server with his shit map development
[6:37 PM] Shepard N7: Doesn't make you less of a shitty person lulw
[6:37 PM] dankrabbit: how am I a shitty person? xD
[6:37 PM] dankrabbit: I've been banned from your server multiple times for being confused with Shade Tano
[6:38 PM] Shepard N7: you went on a rant because you thought my staff was homophobic
[6:39 PM] dankrabbit: they are
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: lmao
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: you are such a massive cock suckers
[6:39 PM] dankrabbit: your staff PK'd people while noclipping for being gay
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: no they didnt
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: now fuck off
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: and die
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: ty
[6:39 PM] dankrabbit: yes they did
[6:39 PM] dankrabbit: iroc has fucking footage
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: iroc is a fucking lunatic
[6:39 PM] Shepard N7: and you are a cunt

(( 8min of Shepard's toxicity later ))

[6:47 PM] dankrabbit: gl with lumberjackRP buddy
[6:47 PM] Shepard N7: thats what i thought clown
[6:47 PM] Shepard N7: massive faggot lmao
[6:47 PM] dankrabbit: massive homophobe


You cannot deny everything Shepard said was correct
-1 for ban appeal
Neutral for promo my utube....
Someone lock this


how is he a massive cunt lmao, imagine if you were him you would say the same
if I was being a cunt then I would hope someone would call me a cunt

also talk to me when ur unbanned and when you're PC can handle a swtor stronghold


Why didn't you just post a pic of the discord convo lol? You could easily change things that were said by just posting the words instead of a pic.
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