Kyberous Warn Appeal

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Your Steam ID and/or IGN: BI INQ Lord Kyberous Drak/ 76561198284861435 / STEAM_0:1:162297853

Staff Member who Warned:Faze Blaziken (Pallox)

Warn reason: Failrp

What happened?: Me and 3 others were instructed to do a mission to kill arata and I was attacking him in jc room and I hit heavy and it stuck me sitting on the chair and I couldn't get out legit (Any staff recreate this, sit down at the jc chair and try to sit up again I was stuck on kennys)

Why you should your appeal be accepted?:Because the warn was on me not being able to get out of a chair couldn't suicide couldn't do anything

Any sort of proof(photo,video): (hopefully u can see screenshots below)

Judging by the proximity of the messages in console, it seems like he just TPed to you, saw you, and warned you. Did he at any point inquire about the situation, or did he go straight to punishment?
Oh nvm, I now see that you're making this for @Koint Well now I fuckin see that you both got warned, I feel like theres more not getting told. Why were both of you warned if one person was glitched into a chair?
Yeah he just teleported to me and warned me I tried to talk to him after he just ignored me in PMs but he couldve been doing something around that time
+1 You're not suppose to warn people without a sit in most cases. This is a common problem and anyone who warns someone about this without looking at the situation or warns someone who did it on accident during a heavy is a clown.
Not open for further replies.