Liam's TS appeal

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: [Cola] Liam
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:122752424
Server: Teamspeak
Banning Staff: Shepard
Reason for Ban: Advertising.
Ban Time: Perm
What did you do?: I had involved myself is a seperate community by agreeing to help them start the server.
Why you should be unbanned: Although word did spread of the server within the reborn community, I had no involvement with the advertisement of the server. I never informed any individual through reborns services. I apologize for what may have been said or done and I do understand that being involved another similar community brought about risk of advertisement however I met many of my friends on reborn and it's good to catch up with them in teamspeak. I would appreciate being given this chance as I had no involvement with advertising other communities.
-3 simply don't advertise. not trying to be toxic but it doesn't seem like that server is going well, so what would stop you from coming back and advertising?
-1 was super toxic, you advertised, now you are only sorry because you can't be apart of that community you advertised.
So you apologize for the things you say implying you advertised, yet you say you don't? And if what everyone is saying is true I find no reason to believe you. -1


Let me just go over some of the points made.

  • No I was not an owner at any point on the other community.
  • I was asked to help out so I did.
  • I never once told any reborn members about the community or that they should join it.
  • I was not involved in the initial conversations to make the server nor did I encourage it. I literally was told about it on the day of the bans and I agreed that I would help them for a little.
  • I never once spoke in TS about how much better this server would be than reborn. I simply joined in a teamspeak channel with the other 2 involved members and when we where asked to leave we did.
  • Yes, some of the members of that community did advertise, I do not know who but I have spoken with shepard and over staff and heard that it was happening.
Let me just say this now. I am not a massive GMOD player atm, I jump on GMOD to build, have a laugh, catch up with old friends and simply fill my free time every now and again. I did help another community with specific development however I was never owner and never used another community such as reborn to help grow the player base. I simply made this appeal to get a chance to talk with some old friends and catch up with some reborn members. I do jump of many communities from time to time, including reborns server however I have no major involvement with any of them actively as I simply did a specific amount of work for the other community and then parted my ways. As I said to shepard, it was simply a learning opportunity and a new experience, I had no intent of killing or "ending reborn" simply to help an old friend and learn a new skill.

I am not a competing developer working on code for other communities. I went into that community with 0 wiltos knowledge. I learnt everything I know from the website wiltos runs, the discord and some private dms with other developers. Not to be rude but I asked anzati for help and he was happy to fix some lines of code and help me learn new customization. He wasn't opposing reborn or helping a competitor he was simply just giving me a hand. I never involved him with the server, just with the actual code behind it and never once asked him to join our community or leave reborns.

I understand that me helping the other community can be seen as stabbing a knife in reborn but I simply did a favor for a friend. The ban was based on us being in reborns TS while working on this community. This is a fair ban, which is why I have apologized and asked for a chance to come back to talk with the community. I don't plan on denying my involvement, only that I never used reborn to gain a player base as all our discussions about this community where in a call with just the existing high staff and myself.
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