Loody Suggestion


I'll slim it down to like a sentence to each cause there are a lot of monkey fuckers on this server that can't read. I could care less about the ranking structure on the server and the ability points that come from that. It's stupid but what can you do. The economy on the server is a stupid idea because it's a dueling server but it doesn't really matter since I can just buy the shit people make in the end anyways.

I could have just posted this on estrella thread but I HATE estella

Make force viable
One healing ability and it "roots you", lightning is ass at 11 a tick, stasis is nerfed into the ground and is a waste of attribution points, choke is fine I could care less about choking its fine how it is.

Trooper Nerf
Abismalally balanced, can shoot through parries, fly for damn near forever, have a kinetic weapon grenade you can't block at all.

Force scream
Brodie if I point in 20 minds and 10 for the only ability that counters dash (That everyone on the server has) MAYBE just MAYBE it shouldn't use 160 fucking force when I got 185 max

Fix parrying
Cant light after a party, there is literally no point in parrying cause you risk getting hit. it is smarter to just jump instead of ever hitting alt