Mando Season 2 Is Trash.


The first episode is good, rest sucks. Bad production quality and story writing. Baby yoda should have been like 3 episodes of the show not 3 seasons. When I want to watch a Mandolorian I wanna see a badass bounty hunter from the planet that is known for war. NOT some feelgood glorified baby sitter, give me episodes about assassinating high value targets, or taking down force users over this shit any day. It truely baffles me how so many people love this show. Also, just use a new boba actor, his face wasnt shown in the movies, so having the same actor literally doesnt matter. Fat boba fett looks like a budget comic-con cosplay. Mando removing his helmet was stupid too, like the one thing the character has going for them, how noone knows their identity they just throw it in the trash. Disney had a million ways they could have made Mando one of the best shows ever made but decided to make him a baby sitter.


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I agree. Honestly if they removed all the star wars stuff, its a sub-par show.