Metro's Jensaarai Application

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Steam Name - Metro
Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:155561484
Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Knight Senju (Current Edition) & Previously Emperor Guccimus (With Prior Ownership)
Server Playtime - 2 Days - 18 Hours
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 3,715 Hours
Warn Count - 1 from 2018
Age - 22

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Requires VIP & Hero Character Package

Event Character roles require a good amount of knowledge of lore, server history, and current server events.
Answer these questions as best you can to demonstrate these attributes.
Minimum effort will not be tolerated.

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?
There is so much it is hard to pick just one concept or story that interested me the most. I would say I am a big fan of the Clone Wars era due to the animated show being one of the best parts of Star Wars media in my lifetime. This is because it was very influential in making you feel for the clones and some of the lesser-known Jedi such as Plo Koon.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?
Ono is believed to be the last remaining Defender from the Jensaarai Order of Susevfi. Long after Nikkos Tyris’s death. Ono was born to two Jenssarai Defenders on the planet Susevfi. His mother and father began his training from a young age from which he showed promise. His mother was eventually killed in battle when Ono was just 5. Leaving his father to be his sole mentor and parent. Eventually after reaching the age of 14 he was taken on his first mission with his father Defender Kyo. Unfortunately, disaster struck during the mission and Defender Kyo was killed by Bounty Hunter while defending a group of innocent villagers. Ren in retaliation killed the Bounty Hunter with a sneak attack. When Ono returned, struck with grief, the Saarai-Kaar personally met with him. The mysterious Saarai-kaar took Ono under her wing. She saw potential in Ono and decided to mentor him personally. Ono trained under the Saarai-kaar for 10 years before finally achieving the rank of Defender. He was honored and left Susevfi to forge his battle armor. He chose the traditional brown and gold colors for his armor. He forged his armor by following the living force’s guidance in temple Ono's the heavy armor. Now a full fledged Defender, he returned to Susevfi. Upon his return the Temple was destroyed and a gruesome scene was left behind. Ono rushes into the Saarai-kaar’s chambers to see her mortally injured. He rushed to her side and she explained to him after he left the Bounty Hunter guild in the sector returned with powerful ships and weapons to destroy the Jeensarai. The Saarai-kaar then bestowed upon Ono is final mission. She tells him that he must go on a journey following the force's guidance and spread the word of the Jensaarai. Shortly after she passes away. Ono collects the remaining intact texts and relics and leaves to begin his new journey.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?
The Jensaarai as an order is a very underrated and unknown faction to most. I would love to be able to roleplay as a character that can teach people about the in-betweens of Dark and Light without being your stereotypical “Gray Jedi”. The Jensaarai Order is rather unique in their beliefs, and I somewhat resonate with them.

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?
Ono’s goal is to spread the beliefs of the Jensaarai and uphold the values they stand for. Honoring his dying Master’s wish and following the living force. I will use this to drive the story by attempting to show Sith, Jedi and others the way of the error while working with them to defend peace and uphold justice.


Why has your character not joined either the Jedi or Sith with their Force abilities?
Ono is a disciple of the Jensaarai Order. Being brought up from a Young Age under the teachings. He was taught from both teachings of the Jedi and Sith. Ono would not align with either side as both have their drawbacks. Ren does not believe in putting restrictions on himself that limit his ability to serve the living force which rules out living by the strict Jedi code. However, he also still stands for justice and the defense of peace resulting in a direct conflict with the way of the Sith. Due to this Ono stands strong in the belief of the Jensaarai way of life. A good example of this is while he stands for justice and defends peace, he is willing to use his aggression to uphold those values.

What is your character’s goal within the Force?
Ono’s main goal is to defend and protect the true way of the force. The living force guides all of his actions. He believes the force brought him to this system to deliver justice and defend the peace on neutral worlds while spreading the teachings of the Jensaarai to those who will listen.

What is your character’s interpretation of the Force?
Ono does not believe that you must choose between light and dark. He believes that they co-exist in something called the living force. He believes that you cannot have one without the other and to cast off one as inherently evil is incorrect. He strives to keep himself balanced by continuing to follow the living force.

What is your character’s interpretation of the Jedi and Sith Codes?
Ono believes that both codes are restrictions and violations of the living force. And no true force user should be bound to a strict code. Rather they should use both sides of the force in true balance. He believes that the force guides him but still takes values from both factions.
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