I'm 16 and wanna get a job so I could buy a new phone and donate to server but idk what's a good place to work at any suggestions?
As much as I hated it, working as a cashier at a local grocery store would be a good start. It helps you with social skills, and also makes you realize that you will never want to work at a customer service job in your life. You earn enough to make some cash, you stand all day long so if you're tall (I'm 5'10) your back is gonna kill you by the end of the day due to leaning over to pack bags and stuff, and it can get kinda stressful when things pick up but overall it was a good experience. If you can, go for a job like produce, so you don't have to deal with customers as much.
Retail, gets you some good social skills, gives you time to do homework if it’s a quiet place, and will make you want to do college 200% more.


Bro work at movie theater they pay good and you get free tickets, sonic also pays pretty good. Unless your like me and go to a Votec then you could get a job at a place that your specialty is in.


thry grow up so fast.

my suggestion is Look into a trade as most retail jobs are dead end, less active and the managers are jerks. Definitely look into something you would enjoy like a movie theatre or restaurant where everything you do has a purpose and people around you are generally in a good mood.

seek apprenticeship...this is not a meme


That's what I was thinking

you will need a work permit from your school if you live in California. I know in Cali you can get credits as an elective for work experience. So if you have the options you should get the work experience elective done while you are working. All you have to do is prove you worked hours at wherever.