Mouses trooper unblacklist appeal

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Shade Tano

Steam Name and In-Game Name: ABCmouse
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:100567630
Server: (Jedi vs Sith)
blacklisting Staff: Shepard
Reason for Blacklist: Aimbotting
Ban Time: ♾️
What did you do?: i was doing a claim and i pk’d like 3 people so. they most likely cried to staff and said i had aimbot. all i was doing was shooting doing my thing and i got blacklisted
Why you should be unbanned: well no matter how i hard i say i dont use hacks. i convince nobody... soo my suggestion is live streaming every time i play my trooper class. idk i probably wont get un blacklisted but atleast im willing to show proof that i’m not cheating while i play trooper.
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Honesty for hacking, I’m surprised you are allowed to play the server at all. You are lucky you weren’t perma’d with no appeal.

Arata Winters

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+1, I mean troopers are fun and there wasn't any actual obvious evidence recorded if I remember correctly so just trust him and if he actually is doing it again we will just take it from him.
Honestly even if you stream/record every time you play nobody is going to watch the entire video but once or twice at most. At most someone may skip around through a few of your videos to look for anything extremely crazy, which would be hard to see in the first place because if you were hacking I doubt they could skip to the exact second you do something, but the sentiment is cool. Also nobody told me I was faction leader banned so it was a funny situation finding out a few days after I was already faction leader. I'm assuming nobody made a big deal because they didn't know either because we don't have some kind of public list of idiots like myself who are faction leader banned.
Finally @Arata Winters I believe there was some weird evidence that was going around between Croc, Caitlyn, and I think ZoZo where they flew behind him while he was watching the entrance to the checkpoint and he turned around and shot them or something really weird during the claim for the throne on Sith after Premium got himself banned for 3 days. I don't remember 100% the situation, but I do know they were convinced that something was up and that's more than enough for me.
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I mean if he records every time he plays trooper, when he is accused of hacking again, he can send his videos in for debunking. If he is going to hack again on the server, just ban him from the server entirely.
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