Oil's Goodbye


So I'm leaving the server. I don't know if I will come back maybe one day,but I'm like 90% of people don't care soooo. Will still be in TS playing other games aka For Honor.

Steam-https://steamcommunity.com/id/538478347/ add me if you feel like it

Discord-O I L#4765

Vethar-Best mall cop in Canada

Rob- Hope you get promoted to Elite Chair force man

Vick- Sucks at for honor

Jump- Pallox got really mad the one time we played OW lmao

Kice- when you pked oat man pure gold

Gucci- Kool mans

Cazech- Trash at SWAT

Ares ( non gay one )-M’lord

Oilver- Mans had 3 jobs and still played the server

Spectre- when you went on fake strike lmao

Anzati- 10/10 backdoor would do again,also sucks at shaolin

Rocky- your only on this list because it was fun to OT you

Steely-PK duel of all time, Steely V Jump. Who get's Emperor handed down to them... Jump wins and.... Rocky is crowned Emperor 10/10 story

Charger- Cool upside down man hope your house doesn't burn down

Iroc-the Dad of reborn

Tulak/Venom-kool guy except when you were OTing

Dragon- Worst OW support player to ever live

Arata- forcing zozo to step down fun GM was fun

Eros-(Somethin Like The Void) Darth BB Hermes Kaiser has banned Darth Oil Novar for 20 hours. Reason: 10 bhop warns, already warned not to continue. you would ban me for bhoping

Zozo- Killed the server with one noclip

Caitlyn- Still has not accept my steam friend request smh shaking head. [S-Admin](Caitlyn) Jedi Council Caitlyn N7: hi i am caitlyn, my boyfriend beats me

Miles- Best reborn streamer

Moxxi-(moxxi) Grand Master Jon Ash has banned Scion Champion Oil Sundar for 2 days, 2 hours. Reason: little cunt. That shit was funny

^ these people made reborn more fun

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this man really gonna say he a better doom than me when I beat him in a 1v1 2 out of 3 times