Ok my breaks done what needs to be fixed


enable blocking/deflecting while in the air,troopers just sit on tat tower we jump up we get knocked right back down


Also nerf the shit outta rejuvenate and make lighting stream an ability so when you use it you cannot move like back then


Fix when you parry, when the parried persons saber is in the air it does still do damage I lose a lot of duels because of it


Fix damage or buff HP... atm you can easily 1 tap with a heavy 7k HP HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME ITS ANNOYING ...

Buff saber throw (Does saber damage)

Nerf troopers slightly (6k hp and 1k armor gets out speed and out damage by a jumping trooper)

Buff HP slightly due to damage being a little crazy due to asc and stuff, Lower force needed for force stream and such (Its crazy ...)

Nerf snake pikes aka the golden ones and theo landing way to many ticks.. Can 1 shot a tank with 1 heavy CRAZY


ecomms doesn't work
no warp for Zakuul
parry should be a no damage from the person being parried.(we can stay back to prevent it but things like pikes and dual blades means something needs to be coded to prevent the igetparriedsoispamitbecauseigetticks)
Lower the tick rate. it is cool to kill peeps quickly. but everytime we raid or have alot of people fighting folks lag out
spawning a higher tier crystal in caves for a period of time to attract conquest combat.remove cave warp so Hutts mansion is the defend point.
remove the ability to accelerate or slide. plenty of mods for this abd would end the bhop mini controversies