Redicules Gamemaster Application

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Please copy the entire form below and make a new thread in this section with all of the fields correctly filled out.
Failure to correctly fill out this form within 24 hours of posting your application will result in your application automatically being denied.

Game Master Application

Steam name: Redicule
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:125870359
Ingame name(s): Redicule or Elucider
Current play time: A Year and around two months or about 2000 hours
Time in Garry’s Mod: 2300+ hours
Amount of warns: 6
Age: Almost 13

Previous Gamemaster/Event making Experience:
Server(s): None
Time as position: None

(Check off the answer you choose with a “x”.)

Would you consider yourself an good builder?
[X ] yes
[ ] no

Experience with Garry’s Mod construction and NPC control: (if none leave blank)

Are you able to create a cohesive story?
[X ] yes
[ ] no

Experience with the creation of storylines, and knowledge of star wars lore:

Have you ever assisted in an event on Reborn in the past?
[X ] yes
[ ] no
If so how many times?
[ 5+]

Can you work well with others to plan and execute an event?
[X ] yes
[ ] no

As a game master what do you desire to do? (ie: Build, create story, etc.): I desire to make the best events possible for Reborn Gaming.

Plan an event (story based or building based):
This event is based on Kashyyyk.
Sith have hunted Wookies to near exctinction for helping Jedi in times of need, now the Jedi must step in to help those who need it. (Jedi will gather at a base near the warp pad and be flown by a ship to the base where sith are staying. Jedi will have a RP situation where they can come to some sort of conclusion for the sith to leave and allow the wookies to stay.) After coming to a conclusion wether Jedi decide to test their combat against the Sith or RP their way out of that situation the outcome will be similar.

First Scenario: Fighting the sith. There will be two sith bosses and a bunch of troopers hidden behind a wall. If they decide to fight the wall will be dropped with about 100 troopers blasting them with 2 bosses attacking. After killing the Sith if they manage to they will have an oppurtinity to bring back some of there fallen depending on how many died. After that Sith will have reinforcements to kill as many Jedi as possible. After that Jedi will have to search across Kashyyyk to find the 3 Wookies that are hiding. After finding the Wookies the Jedi will soon learn that the Sith werent hunting them down and killing them they were protecting them from a greater evil in exchange for crystals. The Jedi are told to get back on the ship and get out of there as soon as theyre about to make it there the ship is blown up from bounty hunter rockets. Soon they will see his face Bossk the famous bounty hunter know for collecting wookie skins. They will have to take him on in combat. The survivors help the remaining wookies get to safety then return home themselves.

Scenario Two: RPing the Sith
There will be two sith bosses which the Jedi can RP there way out of fighting in exchange for Potions, credits, or crystals. After having the sith bosses retreat they will order there troopers to kill them. After fighting the troopers they search for the 3 Wookies on Kashyyyk. After finding 1 Wookie, the Wookie tells them there isnt just 3 Wookies but he heard word about a Wookie that has been killing other Wookies but nobody knows what Wookie it is. After gathering up all the Wookies the jedi have to use RP to find out which Wookie has been killing other wookies. After arresting the evil Wookie they send him to Corrusaunt. Soon after helping the wookies get to safety the Jedi realize the chose the wrong Wookie. That wookie attacks them killing many jedi and severly injuring the Order. After the remaining Jedi help the 2 Wookies get to safety then return home themselves.

User Administrative Agreement
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:
- Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, and neglect of the responsibilities placed on Gamemasters
[ X]

User Permission Clause
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I, [Redicule], have permission from [Shepard] to make my application (either via forum private message, steam, or in-game).
I also acknowledge that If I am lying about my permission that I will be denied the right to apply for any Gamemaster position in the future.
[X ]

Player Interview
Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? (Please elaborate - minimum effort will not be tolerated):
Hi im Redicule. I started playing the server back in 3.0. When I first joined the server I loved going to events because they were mainly rp based and found it fun, the occasional event in the morning that was either XP or OOC event was fun too. Ive been in the community for a while and can admit ive been toxic or mingy at times. As a GM I want to make the server enjoyable not only for older players but for newer players too. I want to be able to give a good experiance for new players to make them want to stay playing the server. Thank you for reading.

Note: Gamemaster are not administrative staff. Gamemaster should not use their powers for anything besides their events. Unless instructed to do other wise by Head Admin +.
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+1 Reborn made gamer that knows how to have fun
he was always respectful and a joy to have in events
funny guy
would be a good boss as well
Tbh you shouldn’t be salty over him calling you something you don’t like. You are toxic to others all the time soooooo.
Thought you quit? Also, I really don’t care if you think I’m toxic, I’m not applying for staff. He is also banned for toxicity from server and discord right now lmfao. Why you calling me toxic when the person applying is banned, and you support him?
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