Riddick's TS Ban

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: [PR] Poseidon | Emperor's Voice Riddick Kush

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:73722394


Banning Staff: Shepard

Reason for Ban:
Recording a conversation in Teamspeak

Ban Time:

What did you do?: So with this whole contest situation, Shepard got very angry at me for "talking shit" about him in OOC, all I said was that he changes his mind all the time, which was referring to what he said about PK's in the contest. The situation resulted in Pump, and Pallox, being pulled in to be talked to as staff, and I was pulled in alone afterward. Shepard explained the whole situation, why he was mad at me, and I was moved back. I told the guys once I was moved back to the channel I was in (Pump's Channel) that I recorded Shepard and I's conversation. A couple of people immediately told Shepard and I was pulled back in, and he was telling me that there was a rule that I couldn't record in TS. I recorded simply to keep accountability, and so Shepard didn't completely go toxic mode on me for no reason. Nevertheless, Shepard didn't care and I was permabanned.

Why you should be unbanned: I really don't care about going into detail about what he said, or whatever, I'm not trying to make this a drama post. I simply want to be unbanned from the TS so I can help and run DC meetings, as my job entails as a Voice. I know it isn't an excuse, but I also didn't even know of this rule and assumed the rule to be non-existent due to the fact that Staff Meetings are recorded, and so are Council Meetings at times. The video in question included NO confidential information and was only recorded to keep accountability. I have no intentions and never have had intentions of "exposing" Shepard with a video of him yelling at me. That's simply childish.
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