Saber Deflect nerf


Saber deflect should be a block 50/50 of shots or allow 1/4 or 1/2 dmg to be done to the saber user. Trooper V Saber combat is so ass right now, jedi at a much lower level have a higher "killing potential" compared to troopers and when a trooper dares fights one they just hold down Alt then run and strike you. Troopers can't run and attack+ they are not faster enough to juke anyone out. Right now troopers just assist but don't really get any kills. I don't expect a trooper to 1v3 and win but when a lv 60 trooper can't even win a 1v1 against someone the same or lower level than him what's the point? You can't even convert out of troopers back to force user{from what I was told} so then you just wasted your time grinding and your stuck as something that you don't wanna be..

TLDR; deflect should block half of all shots or all shots should do 1/4 or 1/2 of the rifles listed dmg. + Troopers should be able to run and shoot.