Satanic's Lore Character Application

Satanic Gas

Steam Name - Satanic Gas
Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:137975043
In-game Name(s) and Ranks - Satanic Gas, Sith Lord
Server Playtime - 1 day, 15 hours
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 2,314
Warn Count - 0
Age - 19

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What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?
What interests me the most in the Star Wars universe is the fight between good versus evil, the light side and the dark side. There are some many possibilities and outcomes. Every choice you make can really give you an entirely different chain of events. I love the aspect of exploring galaxies and travel through space, a completely different universe compared to what we live in today and just so much more power, technology makes it a totally different perspective on what other people wish they could live in.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?
The name of my character is Darth Marr, and he is a beast of a warrior. A Sith warrior who holds a seat at the Dark Council at such an early age of his life and to also be one of the longest serving members of the Dark Council. Marr conquered world after world and gained an amazing reputation for personally leading all his attacks on his defenders.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?
What drew me to choose Darth Marr is him being one of my favorite Sith Lords who sat amongst the Dark Council. Seeing him in every scene when going through my playthrough of SWTOR gives me a thrill because he's so unpredictable. Even though no one has seen his face everything about him is just intimidating.

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?
In my opinion I think Marrs motivation was war. Him wanting nothing but victory and power is what gave him his strength. How I can use that to my advantage is just by grabbing that mindset and putting directly into my motivations. I want to see the Jedi fall to the ground. I choose nothing but the dark side because that is where I feel is my home. I was born to be Sith.

Copy and answer only the questions relevant to your role.

What is your connection to this character?
The connection I have with this character is when I studied him back when I was playing my very first playthrough of SWTOR. At that point I had a feeling he was better than anyone in any room he stood in. The way he acts towards others I feel as if I can relate to him because he strives to stand strong, and I aspire to recreate that and act just as intimidating as he was in every scene of SWTOR. I feel like once I heard his name and layed eyes on him I truly wanted to be by his side. That one scene of him in the dark council chambers along with the other members in their chairs, he really took charge of the room, I knew that I wanted to have his kind of power if not even powerful.

What is your understanding of this character's origins and history?
My understanding of this character is that he is the conqueror of worlds and all he does is push forward and gives off nothing but pressure and fear. His origin is a mystery, whoever knew, never told. Alongside him claiming a seat at the Dark Council at such an early age proves how powerful he is. Darth Marr's abilities were second to none in the Sith Empire following the Battle of Ilum. Wielding an augmented lightsaber and powerful battle armor, Darth Marr used Soresu in combat to become one of the most famous Sith Warriors of the Sith Empire, that consisted of thousands of Sith.

How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?
The way I'm going to adapt this character into the Reborn timeline is by recreating what actually happened in his lifeline and work my way up the ranks to make sure that power he is known for having in lore and putting it in the Reborn timeline. To be able to reenact his life into Reborn I have to do exactly what he did and claim a seat at the dark council at an early stage just as he did. To become a Sith Warrior and lead battles to defeat the jedi and be the one to call the shots in war. I will strive to become a role model to the Sith and have the apprentices follow in my footsteps and attempt to become as powerful as Darth Marr was. To make it as lore accurate as possible, I will die by Emperor Valkorians hand when the time comes.

What makes you best suited to fill this role?
The reason why I feel I am best suited for this role is because I feel like I can recreate his power and make it to where people see me as Darth Marr and not the average JvS player. I want to make this as lore accurate as possible and completely reenact his life as it was my own. I want to fully dedicate myself to making this as immersive as possible and dedicate myself to the Sith Empire. I know how important this character is to people who play on this server and wouldn't want such an amazing character go to waste by using this role as "just a skin", but as privilege to play as the hands of Darth Marr and I want to be given the opportunity to do show people who don't know much about him or to the people who never played SWTOR a chance to see how he actually was in lore.
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-1 Not enough information really, and your answer for "What makes you best suited to fill this role?" makes no sense one bit.


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The SA Team is looking for a quick update. We have notice you been playing Jedi more frequently compared to Sith. Is Darth Marr still a lore hero you are interested in?