Show Your Best Moments On Reborn (screenshots)


I wanna see everyones screenshots from reborn.

Let me start it off

First off we have good ole' 1.0 --- You can see multiple bor family members

Now we have the first day troopers came out

And finally we have just reborn from idek when

Post your screenshots and if you donnt have any its alt + F4 to take a screenshot :)


20170422230427_1.jpg20170524210213_1.jpg20171001205800_1.jpgI have my first Darth Recommendation(In late 1.0 or 2.0 I really don't remember).
First time being Dark Council
and a group picture of me and my little cult of bald men following me around.
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For some reason i cant put my photos here but i will just say what was in it.
1. There first picture was the one Arata posted which is a jedi christmas picture.
2. Second is me and other RT on a mission to take pictures of the DC chairs and we walk beside sith and they do nothing lol.
3. Third is 3 high ranking staff members kept abusing everyone and hanging us blowing us up.
4. The last was me showing off all my expensive shit in my whole inventory which i don't have now.

Thank you for looking at my pictures. :)
Don’t have the pictures but

Getting EE Council
Passing Darth trials ( took ~4 times)
Getting SINQ
Getting accepted for gray

And my all time favorite memory: The legendary bith empire that took over zakuul and reshaped the galaxy. (Thanks Kiggs)

“He who has the biggest head, has the largest knowledge, has the throne.”
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