SkyTrooper Rev.2

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Steam Name
- GameCrunch
Steam ID - 76561198207327801
Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - GameCrunch, VIP
Server Playtime - I'd say around 750+ hours
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 1975 Hours
Warn Count - 0
Age - 16

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?

Most stuff from the old republic sort of era (TOR, KOTOR, KOTOR2 basically up until the rule of two)
What is the name of your character, and what is their history?

STR2-8291, a prototype sky-trooper made in the late stages of the Eternal Empire (hence R2) that was designed to be smarter and respond to scenarios without having to be commanded directly from the control center. I'm not sure what the general story of the server is going to be relating to EE so for him during "rouge" I wrote out two separate things
1. After the fall of the Eternal Empire all the other SkyTroopers would of shut off due to no longer receiving commands however due to the ST being Rev2 it was able to continue on, since all other priorities stored in the ST were unable to be met (due to the fall of the EE and death of emperor/zakuul) it fell onto its last objective which was to maintain itself, this allowed the SkyTrooper to upgrade himself allowing them to be able to fully remove any limitations they may of prior had and be able to fully think by itself.

2. This one is incase the EE is still around but small, the Sith would end up capturing STR2-8291 and trying to reprogram him to serve there needs or if that failed, dismantle him. Eventually the Sith managed to reprogram STR2-8291 and made them serve the Sith instead of the Eternal Empire. After a few years as technology advanced the Sith wanted to fully understand the technology within STR2-8291 and attempted to upgrade him to make him strong (as he was now outdated,) This upgrade ended up going wrong and STR2-8291 became self-aware and ended up escaping the research base he was held on and fleeing to Tatooine where he eventually got a ship and became a mercenary/gun for hire/bounty hunter/militia.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?
Gameplay wise I dont really like using WiltOS lightsabers that much and i'd rather play another game with better melee combat (not a fan of animation based combat + buggy in general)
What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?
STR2-8291's main motivation is to upgrade himself with experimental weapons and gear and to basically become as strong as powerful. It could be used to drive a story as he may need to make contact with Jedi or Sith (maybe even the EE in disguise) in order to order new parts or get experimental technology/blueprints. He could also try making an upgrade himself and cause a malfunction (needing help from a group of players.) (Not sure if custom characters get anything special but upgrades as in story-only and not actual gameplay upgrades)
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Why has your character not joined either the Republic or Imperial military with their combat ability?

They want to remain by themselves as they were previously under full control/mostly controlled by two previous factions, they are also paranoid of being experimented on or reverse-engineered which could more easily happen if he joined them.
What is your character’s goal as a Mercenary?
To make money for upgrades as-well as to do missions/jobs for experimental parts/technology that have not yet fully hit the galactic market. They would prioritize on (mental?) upgrades that increase his thought power and memory over combat upgrades although they would not pass up the opportunity for a stronger metal shell/shielding.
How will your character interact with the Republic and Empire?
Mainly to buy parts/blueprints/upgrades, they could also make a temporary alliance (mainly with the Republic as the Empire would not like him much after escaping) with mutual benefits or join them as a solider (sort of fills in with stuff a mercenary would do.) An experimental upgrade could go wrong and he could request help from the Republic/Empire in fixing him.

As for the EE they were either wiped out if the #1 backstory was chosen OR it was too expensive to make another Rev.2 and they did not want to take the risk again, incase they went "rouge" like STR2-8291 did. The plans could of also been kept locally in a single research base the EE believed to be secret which the sith found after searching STR2-829's memory, the Sith then destroyed the research base in order to set the EE back in the war.


Senior Gamemaster
+3 Great Application game crunch has been a great RPer in the past, and overall a good guy would love to have him support events.