Sloth's leave yall called it


SO im not going to bother with formating this since I have lost interest and quite frankly don't care too much

basically what is going on is I don't feel like a respected member of the community and quite frankly the server is going to die because people will only be nice to you then snake you (new admins) then treat you like shit when they get above you in the ranks on the server so that's pretty pog All of you called it and I would of loved to stay staff but the community gets more toxic and more mingy by the day and I just cant take the bullshit any more getting played all of it but for those that were my actual friends on the server I will list some names and my shit list also but this is my final time being staff on reborn and I wish we could of just went back to the 3.0 days where staff were a team and not just a friend group that if you did not fit in you were just booted and if you were liked by a high up they would hand you a rank and if you try to have a social life instead of play on the server you will just get called names for no reason other than them saying All yOu DO is AFK it is because some of us are at work or hanging out with friends even though I was putting well over 60 hours of my life a week into the server and I am certain I am not the only staff member that will be stepping down for this reason so yah that is my speal for those who decided to read the whole thing thanks and if you just wanna go comment go say you were shit anyway below this post I really don't care.

Sloths good boy list:
Rock Chris
All my FranXX homies
All my Novar Homies
Hound when he was not ban
Left pop
and many more that I just cant think of the names

Very pog removing my shitlist

So probably a final goodbye if anyone wants to add me on discord feel free if you want to stay in touch Sloth#1754 and steam
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When you leave for the 8th time because of Garrys mod drama
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No one called you names ever, i was in the channel and whiskey just said you afk alot. that was it just because you are upset because you got removed from grandmaster and then being told you should have used your extra gm votes and had a MOTO to help keep you safe isint what you wanted to hear does not mean whiskey called you names. You are the only one who insulted people, you sat and shit talked zeus and tried to find some way to make your self seem like a victim when you simply didnt use the powers you had to guide the jedi. Also literally only ever saying you your self should get promotions when i ask people who they think is doing well doesnt help your self not look selfish.


Also, neither me or whiskey asked to be on council. I honestly did not expect to get called into the JC room, I dont think I had earned council yet, I didnt think I even had a chance to get on council yet. I actually +1d the demotion because you put me and loody on council after like a week on the server when neither of us earned it. Also in my opinion we didnt snake you and none of the admins treated you like shit after the vote. At most, loody flamed you so dont put that on us.