soloranked's warn appeal

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Shade Tano

Any warn appeal that is created not using this template will be ignored until it is changed to the correct format.

IGN: Soloranked

SteamID 64 (Ex: 76561198068568843): 76561199146545095

Staff Member who Warned: Rowe

Warn reason: dual-wielding double blades | rdm in sit

What happened?: ok it was 100% my fault with the dual-wield double blades. It just went over my head cause I was trying to test reverse blades and wanted to see if i can hit from far away. because the uneven double blades reverse make ur saber longer and i really just wanted to know what it is like with dual blades. yeah, i know that rule been playing this game for years so ofc I know that rule. the rdm in sit was Rowe being a bad staff. I'll explain at the beginning of the sit he was typing and I was using my mic. I was laughing cause I completely didn't realize I was dual-wielding double blades. I said "all alright tp me back ill take em off" he kept saying the same thing so i kept saying on my mic "TP me back ill take em off" i was getting annoyed tbh. he was just standing there so I hit him and said HELLLOO TP ME BACK. like wtf are you doing. he grabs me with a physgun puts me in the air. ok, then he unmutes me. i said can you hear my mic? Rowe said he has his game audio off....... that's my fault I guess. just wasting time. the sit was about me use dual double blades. now it's just extra shit cause he's unprofessional. so it's just extra shit because I'm a fucking mute.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: to be fair yes I did break a rule lol but I actually forgot kinda stupid. it was downtime too so nobody really got hit except a staff member. the rdm part I completely disagree it's your fault you can't hear me. to be fair if the staff fucks up with no warns I shouldn't get a warning. Especially if he could've heard my mic the sit would have been over in 15 secs. I would've said "lol my fault tp me back I'll take it off rn" really I wasn't trying to break a rule I was just thinking what it is like with a reverse double blade for extra length complete went over my head.

Any sort of proof(photo,video): 1863



I can't tell you how many times i've had to take a sit about you Shade. I've let you off so many times and i've been very fair with you. You have been around long enough to know the rules and you acknowledge you were in the wrong also. From what i can recall you were muted for Being toxic in OOC by Ronnie so that's another thing you got away with. The fact you've also just come off a 1 week ban makes this situation even worse because you are openly admitting to breaking a rule you KNEW about.
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