Accepted Spectre's (Protix Sunjaw's) Staff application!

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Staff Application

Player Information
Your name: Spectre / Protix Sunjaw
Your steamID: STEAM_0:1:155891210
Your current rank: Lord / User
Amount of Warns: 0

Player's Server Information
Rank you are applying for: Mod
Total time with the community (months): about 3 months
Current level within the server: Level 100

Administration Availability
What time during weekdays are you available (a.m. - p.m.): usually around 11am - 10pm during the summer and; 4pm - 10pm during the school year
What time during weekends are you available (a.m. - p.m.): usually around 11am - 12pm

Previous Administrative Experience
Server(s): Omega networks, Fire Force Networks, Ice Fuse, Spartan Gaming, and a few dark RPs
Position(s): Owner, Co-Owner, Mod, Server Manager, Mod
Time as position(s): Owner - 1 year (total) Co-Owner 2 months, Mod 2 months, Server Manager 1 month, Mod 3 months (Total)
Brief overview of the position(s): In the positions as owner and Co-Owner I did a lot of handling the server and the members complaints, as a moderator I did the basic whitelists and handing RDM cases and etc. as server manager I made a server from scratch and hired qualified staff members as well as GMs

User Administrative Agreement
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:
- Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, and neglect of the responsibilities placed on staff

User Permission Clause
By placing an X in the box provided below, I hereby state that I, Spectre, have permission from Nabe to make my application (either via forum private message, steam, or in-game).
I also acknowledge that If I am lying about my permission that I will be denied the right to apply for any staff position in the future.

Player Interview
Why should we support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players? (Please elaborate - minimum effort will not be tolerated): I started my garry's mod adventure about 5 years ago. Back at the beginning I was not but a normal player. I had no interest in being a staff member cause back then I wasn't old enough to meet the requirements. As I aged, I slowly began to learn more about garry's mod and my love for the game. I began developing my own server after a few years. This was my first server. The Omega Networks Halo RP, my pride and joy. But I was shot down by so many people and soon my player base slowly declined. I've learned a lot since this point as I've Co-Owned, Owned, and Managed tons of servers. I moves away from server owning a bit and began my adventure on being just a moderator to see if I could gain some experience. In that time I learned a lot of the ULX commands and have a lot of them memorized. But as people are stingy and rude I got pushed away from a lot of the community's I was in, just because of how people acted. This is why, I believe you should support my application. I am loyal to a community and push my hardest to keep it alive when I have the power to do so. I stand out from others from the fact that I enjoy helping other people. I am one to never give up; I do take breaks to take a breather from something I find difficult but I get right back up and keep pushing! I believe, that I also stand out as I get along with most of the staff members that I know! I am dedicated to helping this server grow and I'm hoping I can be a big part in Reborn!

The Observer

Spectre has a very wide breadth of staff experience in a multitude of leadership levels. While I don't know him personally, his player interview is very down-to-earth and, from what interactions I've had with him, he seems like a very competent and dedicated candidate for staff.


Super Administrator
+5 When server was poppin u was active and enforcing roleplay. Interview is detailed well also


Server Manager
| +3 |
I have not directly interacted with you as much as I'd normally like to with a staff applicant, but I so admire your tenacity in applying to be a staff member at this stage and your passion for sharing ideas for server development that I think you will be a good member of the team.


Senior Gamemaster
+3 Love the player interview! definitely great, seen him a lot and hes a great player and helpful in the community. Would be a great addition to staff
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