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Steam Name: Gary Maxed
Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:83667901
Ingame Name(s) - LNR Neo Apprentice Nih, TG AK Padawan Gary
Server Playtime - 1W 3D+
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 5850+ hours
Warn Count - 1
Age - 19

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-What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?
There are so many different options in the Star Wars universe. Everything is possible when you combine hundreds of characters that have done so much to stand out and be remembered in stories that have become legends, as well as an endless war between the Jedi and Sith, Good Vs Evil. Everything is intriguing, from the Ancient Jedi who infused their force into their weapons to the Sith with the first emperor Darth Krayt and his Millennium of rain of darkness over the Sith, showering evil wherever he went.

-What is the name of your character, and what is their history?
The Character is Galen Marek "Starkiller"; a boy born in the canopy houses of Kashyyyk: The Wookie Planet. Growing up he would play around with the Wookies, at an early age he began feeling strange. He knew not at the time that he was Force-Sensitive, however, his father was a jedi and taught him of his new-found powers. One day, at age 8, the Sith Empire attacked Kashyyyk, The Old Emperor led the charge, a gruesome battle saw many die; including Galen's Father. The Emperor found the boy, suddenly he was shocked at the little boy when he used the force to pull - quickly - away the Old Emperor's saber. The Old Emperor so impressed he would kidnap the boy and bring him to the Sphere of Sorcery. The Grand Sorcerer would infuse a dark spell on him, to where Galen was no longer Galen Marek, he was now known as Starkiller. Starkiller was a born warrior, a killing machine against anyone who opposed him. Starkiller's power only grew as he became older. Soon he would join the Sith Empire and begin training at the age of 14. In his time, a new Emperor had come to pass, Emperor Caedus Vyxast. Emperor Caedus would grow on the boy, and teach him dark rituals of old. Starkiller only grew from his encounters with the Emperor. Until the day, at age 19, Caedus Vyxast was conquered under the sword of Vader. Now Emperor Vader, knew of Starkiller, but he didn't know how truly corrupt of the darkside and powerful he was until Starkiller helped Vader strike down the now Old Emperor "Caedus Vyxast". Emperor Vader loved Starkiller's will and strength and took him under his wing. This is where our story begins. What will Starkiller become, a wise Sith, a foolish Sith, a passionate Sith, or does he wish for something else? Only time will tell...

-What drew you to the character role you have selected?
When I was a kid I remember getting the game "The Force Unleashed", immediately from the start I loved it; as I'm sure many other kids did too. It was an amazing game, and the main character "Starkiller" was such a fun overwhelming character to play at the time. I understand he was very overpowered in terms of Starwars power scaling, and I think that made it all the more fun. Being able to wipe through troopers and forsaken Jedi. It was an absolute blast, and then I also loved "The Force Unleashed II". I know most didn't, but to me I loved the characters. Now a couple days ago, I was just nostalgically watching videos on those games, and it really made me want to rehash that character into the Reborn timeline. I remember back in either 1.0 of 2.0 of Reborn, a guy played as Starkiller, however, he didn't really Roleplay the character it was more just he got it from some payment. He was a cool guy don't get my wrong, but I feel like meshing it into Reborn Roleplay would be an absolute wonder. I hope you guy's allow me to do just that.

-What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?
Starkiller's drive is his mental state. He's so confused all the time, and as he gets older and more powerful he begins to remember the awful things that happened to him. He begins having flashbacks of the Sphere of Sorcery's method, and will eventually begin to hate them all. He will seek to destroy them, and build a new possibly. He would also remember a big black figure who kidnapped him, he would think of Vader and possibly turn on him. Attempting to only grow in strength, become more knowledgeable, and gain true balance in himself.

-What is your connection to this character?
My connection to Starkiller would be his confusion of mind. I suffer from A.D.D. and it gets me very bored and hard to read social cues a lot of times, and thus it makes me confused which it used to turn into anger just as Starkiller. I plan to flesh out these emotions and use them to build on Starkiller as it did me. I also think not understanding the past, I was adopted as a child from the Russian Federation, and my parents and close family members all either died or were murdered. I don't remember really anything, and I hope to use this drive to build on the character "Starkiller".

-How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?
From my custom storyline I built, I resolved his issues that don't fit with the timeline as such being rebuilt by Vader, differences in his childhood stories, such as that. I went with an approach for him to come to reality and begin hating what was forced upon him at an early age. His hate fueled by the hope that he will see the day that whoever the Grand Sorcerer may be, he will cower at Starkillers will; and that the Emperor's Throne be closer to him every day that passes.

-What makes you best suited to fill this role?

I've played Reborn Gaming since the original stages. My love for the server has been variable overtime, but I really do like the current place it's in. I have roleplayed a multitude of variable characters throughout the past 6 years. A big one for me was Darth Nihilus, I remember playing him back in 3.0, absolute blast and had some great moments. However, I furiously believe that my roleplay has improved vastly from such characters, and I think roleplaying "Starkiller" will be my best of yet. I love having a great time, but when I know I need to be portraying a character I do so to my full extent. I think you should vote Yea for this application.

Thank you for Reading, or Voting.


I don't see you fitting the role well and on top of that you have a very bad reputation on the server. As of now you're currently banned from the server.

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Based on your track record within the server and your overall application, we do not believe you would be a good fit for this character. Improve your behavior and standing within the community and apply again at a later date.
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