Tic2Quick's Traveling Merchant Civi App

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Steam Name - Tic2quick
Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:110896585
Ingame Name(s) and Ranks - Lord Tic - Vip+
Server Playtime - 5 Days
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 7,095hrs
Warn Count - 0
Age - 20

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CITIZEN - Traveling Merchant
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What interests you most in the Star Wars universe? What interests me the most is all the different amount of creatures, species, and weapons there are in the universe only because I love to learn non-stop and experience new things. With Star wars especially the server there is an endless amount of options to go with in terms of RP scenarios which who doesn't love a great RP event puts a smile on my face.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?
Misao Draay was born on Alpheridies. She had a father, a mother, and a brother. Not to her knowledge but at a young age she has little skills in the art of dueling and was not the best at it, being the lowest in the classes that her parents made her take, she was known for how she was able to manipulate people in the way she talked at her age along with hands-on activities such as crafting, Harvesting, and had little knowledge but was expanding on speeders. Misao was a Miraluka, but being more human than force-sensitive was the reason she struggled the most which left her not motivated in learning that much about the force and lightsaber combat(Still had some force in her). Before her life could get started with her parents just starting to teach her about the history of the force and the order, they visited a planet to visit an old friend. On that said trip they were at a busy marketplace with lots of civilians and merchants when all the sudden a huge fight broke out causing everyone to panic and run, in all the battling going on Misao being her self was not by her parents at the time cause her to get separated from them she was more focused on the valuable good a merchant had setup. The now missing child family was forced to take off and evocate for their safety and reputation. After everything calmed down she would then meet a merchant of the name of Vaus who was the sole person that took care of Misao to her adult age teacher her his way of being a traveling merchant. Vaus would have no knowledge of Misao Being Fore Sensitive. But Would question why she always wore a mask over her eyes.

What drew you to the character role you have selected? As a child, she would always use her talking to get her out of trouble when it involved her doing wrong. In the progress of doing that she started to relies how powerful words can be if given that right fake mood and arranged in the right way. Father, more she was always interested in making stuff this developed from the frequent trips her family would take to different merchant markets where she would see all the built speeders, to random custom built items. But what drove her most of all to become a Traveling Merchant Was who she called her father Vaus who would take her under his wing teaching her everything she need in the acts of becoming a successful merchant like he was. Vaus had always wanted a child to throw all his knowledge on so he saw a perfect opportunity to do so

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story? Because of her little knowledge of her real parents and Vaus the person that raised her from young to old she gained his ambitions and goals and combined them with hers. The main goal they both favored was not the money tho it was important to them they wanted fame and Glory. They both wanted to be so known when they walk into a place majority would recognize them for their famous work in return this would bring them more buyers in the process to gain money. In the goal to become well known, she will have to grind nonstop crafting working at the farms for materials. The main way she will get to that goal is by communications, interacting with people the more people she talks to the more knowledge she will gain and more exposure to the community.

What makes your character more important than other citizens? (Why is it played by a player?) First off at the end of the day the re-launch of the server was meant to bring Roleplaying to a new experience in the jvs world so what better than player to player interactions for valuable and other things. I plan on stationing down on tat where I’ll be living. In the process of that, I also plan on building my character through RP and possibly Roleplay working on a broken speeder and renting them or selling them to players. With this character through roleplaying and grinding I wanna help shape the economy actually get it going by learning the crafting and items we have on the server I also plan on sharing that info too.

How will they stand out in a Galaxy with trillions of citizens? With this character as stated before I plan on being very heavy on Roleplay so that will first start with me making connections with either the with or Jedi for access to their planet if I ever wanna travel there. I will stand out from the rest on the pure drive to Roleplay all my actions even if it crafting equipment items. I plan on making close business partners that will work closely with me to build an information base on all the items and their stats along with stable pricing.

How can they achieve their goals in spite of the odds against them? She plans on building a connection with both factions including fellow civilians like I said she is a Manipulator very good at making things go her way even if they have to make deals. As stated she wants to be known through the galaxy she will achieve that by being unique right now you barely see a shoo opening up so that is where I’ll shine. Like I said I plan on doing very heavy RP to enable me to get a better relationship with a game master and possible allow me to sell vehicles and guns, opening up more things for people to spend their credits on.
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Tic is overall a really good dude to pull this off as i have seen him before do great rp on other servers and knows his shit pretty well.
Good luck Bozo!



Since I joined this server Tic has been one of my closest friends on here, he is one of the only people I've met on this server that I liked so well that I actually invited him to my private discord server. He is an immensely nice person to everyone, insanely active, has good potential for roleplay, and he has made a very nice application. I think he truly deserves this and it would be nice to see this happen.



Tic has been kind to me since I've joined this server and would pull this off really well. The character is very well thought out and would fill a unique roll that is not expressly filled right now, with most of the other independent characters running around just doing trading on the side, it would be useful to have a character that focused purely on it.
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