Time to Part Ways

Highlord Miles

The Executive Team has decided that some changes needed to be made and in order to make the correct steps in the right direction, we have relieved Moxxi of his Founder Role from Reborn-Gaming. This might come as a shock to many of you, but it's a discussion that has been occurring for the last couple of weeks, which we've finally found a resolution. We please ask that during this time, you put aside any sort of grudges you have towards Moxxi, and leave him be, for it's a hard time for him and for us as well. Many of you know that the three of us (Moxxi, Shepard and I) left a server with a dream to create a great Star Wars RP server and Moxxi had a big role in that. He was a huge part for our success, but the time for us to part ways has come.

I appreciate if everyone would listen to only what a verified member of the Executive team says regarding this matter, that being Shepard and I. Rumors are a quick way to ruin someones reputation and life.

Please and Thank you.
From the Team here at Reborn-Gaming.


Me and Moxxi have a rocky relationship in the past, but I have always respected him do to his shier knowledge on the server. Because to him being a Founder. He has taught me a lot on respect and how to properly handle staff situations even if some of those were caused my me. I will miss him on the staff team. I and I hope the Executive's can find some way to allow him back on. For he has helped this Community grow in unimaginable ways.


Myself and Moxxi rarely talk but I have the up most respect to him, the knowledge of the server and dedication hes put in is the reason why he is/was one of the Founders along with Shepard and Miles. He will be missed on the Staff team, as for Sauron said I would like the Executive's to find a way to bring him back to the Founder status. As for this I wish moxxi the best in everything he does and I hope those that wanted him gone then realize what the magnitude this could do and effect the server.

Rde Ren

Moxxi is awesome and I hope the best for him. I saw him the most of all the founders on the server. Good luck Moxxi


He hated me (and probably still does) but I still think he was a good founder. He was always on the server and usually very RP oriented. I have respect for him, even if he doesn't have it for me.


I thought he was cool. I didn't know what was happening behind the scenes and I hope this doesn't effect his personal life too much. I thought he was a good founder I loved how you three came together to create this amazing server. Moxxi, if you ever want to force lightning strike me while I'm walking around as usual go ahead. lol
I really do hope moxxi gets his position back due to talking about it with many people hearing a lot of stories this and that but Moxxi truly is a good guy and I talk to on a daily basis unlike a lot of people but they still say hes a good founder.
One thing that really stood out is how he listiened to the community of sith and they talked about it. He was gonna step down but no one wanted him to. Its not about his power its about his character truly is an amazing guy. everyone on that sith meeting wanted him back and it was truly heart warming to see how many people come back.

All in all hope moxxi gets his founder rank back. But if not I still love him as a person


Damn, I hope that Moxxi gets it back. I don't get a chance to talk to him on the daily, but when I am able to speak he's a nice and chill guy. One thing that really sticks with me is when he was gonna step down and legit everyone on the Sith was like no don't step down. Just showed me how much people support him.

Hes an overall good guy, and I hope in the future he is able to get his rank back.


You know, me and moxxi have history, good and bad. Regardless, what everyone is saying about him abusing his powers and shit, it was almost all for one reason, to protect his friends. I know this because of being around him. Moxxi may not be the most liked character, but he's still a good guy. Yea, I'm probably gonna get a lot of shit for this, but I'm gonna write this because of what he's done for me. He tried to help me through an emotional little bitch phase but I refused to get any. He tried, but I was a little bitch. Anyways, Moxxi, like the rest of us, does shit that not everyone should do. However, he is a great guy to know. Moxxi, doubt you'll actually read this, but you're a great guy dude. Don't listen to negativity, just keep going dude.


I never really talked or interacted too much with moxxie but ive heard only good things about him, honestly i think you guys should talk it out if you left a server together and youve created this wonderful community together i dont think any of you should have to leave it behind, honestly if i were one of you three i would stick together no matter what and say fuck what everyone else says or thinks because you guys seem to have a strong bond (although i dont really know any of you that well) but going off what you said miles this is truely a tough thing to do ive been there so i think you guys can figure out a way to fix this and move past it together.


Not even gonna lie, me and Moxxi had a real rough start, but I have gained a lot more respect for him as a person. He is super level headed and almost always keeps his cool in any situation, he was the most active out of all of the SA+ and definitly deserves a second shot, the community as a whole truly enjoyed having im as a founder.

So yea, IMO Moxxi should be given his rank back, maybe restrict his power, maybe give him Admin instead of founder just he deserves something.


I have come to know Moxxi as a person and I am sad to see that he was removed from the rank of founder. Moxxi is a nice and chill guy with a great personality. I can not see the sever without him. I can't see the team of founders without him. After all three of them built this community that we all have like and enjoyed being apart of. I hope that his position of founder is restored. Best of luck to you Moxxi!


Moxxi man what a guy he's a cool dude when you get to know him even though as what Primi said there is a lot of stories of him being a bad founder and abusive. All that shit was in the past and he still gets shit for it. He has a great personality and literally everything I was gonna says has already been said. Dude even taught me some shit about CC's mastered it before Primi obviously but that's beside the point. And I hope in the future his rank will be restored as Founder. Also what Primi said the whole sith wanted him to stay as Emperor because literally all of them like him other than a few people that said he should leave. Even though he spoils like every show we watch he's still a good guy.


If we're only going to listen and talk to each other about how Moxxi was good to us can we hear some reasons why he was removed? I don't see why he was removed and I don't want to listen to anything other people have to say because it might be just rumors. If one of you are comfortable explaining to us why he was relieved of his duties it would be greatly appreciated. This is no way to flame the Founder/Super Admin team I just want to know what was so bad he had to be relieved. Thank you. @Shepard @Highlord Miles