TV Show/Movie/Anime Forum


Add a forum section for talking about media, be it YouTube Videos, Anime, Movies, etc. If there are spoilers make them required to put spoilers at the top of the post in huge letters. Want a community focused around other things than Gmod? More sections for conversations not related to Gmod.


We have that in discord
But not on the forums. Forums allows you to easily sort things.
Oh, you wanna talk about this show? Here is a thread about it. Whereas Discord can get the messaged pertaining to a show buried.
I feel like it would just be space on the forums that only 2 people use and the only reminder that it exists would be the meme posts people make on that section of the forums
Easy to make, easy to implement. Not useless if it is used. Making the forums more community centered is a good idea, if we are trying to step away from just being a community for Gmod.
exactly what Vick said, its useless if 2 people use it. and the community stuff is for discord not the forums. forums are already dead enough

Arata Winters

Senior Moderator
Wait you can just go into general discussions and start a thread about a show you like? I mean its happened before don't really see why you can't do it now.