Whiskey's Resignation


So, time for me to step down. I've been here for over 2 years being staff and gamemaster. It has always been a great experience for me here, meeting new people and making friends, but now I have lost interest in playing on the server, so I don't want to take a spot that someone else deserves more than my inactive ass. Always been a good time playing on the server helping out the community, but my time on the server has come to an end.

I will of course still be in Teamspeak and doing the Custom Classes and stuff like that. Just can't be staff due to school ramping up and Destiny 2 taking up my life. If you do have any questions about staff issues I will still be happy to answer them. I might get on the server every once in a while to either do some testing or to have some fun.

I want to thank Reborn Gaming and the community for the great times I had and the many experiences I got to go through inside this community. I won't be making a list since I appreciate all of you, and some get mad if I don't put them on a list. Good luck Reborn.


Like whoa, i mean what are we gonna do now schhooob?

Whiskey you always been a cool hand luke and super mysterious.

good journey Whiskey

Yo, what the fuck whiskey. You were supposed to Defeat the inactivity not join them! You were always fun to be around and just a generally good guy when you don't scream at me for joining your TS channel.
Sucks to see you go, you were actually a really good staff member and a really good friend to the community. See you around to annoy you or something.