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Steam Name - YellowEyed
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Ingame Name(s) - YellowEyed
Server Playtime - 6+ days this server wipe
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 3,800 hours
Warn Count - 0
Age - 20

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Event Character roles require a good amount of knowledge of lore, server history, and current server events.
Answer these questions as best you can to demonstrate these attributes.
Minimum effort will not be tolerated.

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?
he old republic and kotor really changed my mind in star wars when i first played them and brought to life so much of what I wanted after first being introduced to the stars wars movie and tv show. The Sith Vs Jedi Huge battle where each sith and jedi are not rare to see anymore and there are people with this much power constantly around any planet you visit. The Sith have always interested me and even more so in swtor as you really see how they function with such horrible ways of thinking since sith probably kill more sith than the jedi do and they still manage to be a force this strong. In the current timeline darth mauls storyline was my favorite and how they pulled a character with little screentime from the movie and fully fleshed out his character in clone wars and rebels giving us his beginning and his end with a lot more detail of who this character was.

What is the name of your character, and what is their history?
Darth Maul was a force-sensitive zabrak born to mother talzin of the night sisters. When he was a child he was taken by Sidious and forged into his apprentice who saw potential in him even as a child. Since being under sidious maul was raised to hate the jedi and wanted to see the order fall. Maul was made into an aggressive Sith who mastered his lightsaber style using a double-bladed saber and was very agile. We first see maul when he is ordered to deal with the jedi on naboo. Jedi master Qui-gon and Obi-wan were the first jedi to come face to face with maul. Maul would defeat Qui-gon after separating the two jedi but would then lose and be cut in half by obi-wan since he did not kill him when he had the chance and toyed with him. Maul was assumed dead but years later his brother went to the location of where he should be and found a crazed maul only able to walk since hes put together by spider legs made of trash. Opress would retrieve his brother and return him to dathomir where he got better mechanical legs than he had before and was healed. Mauls anger and hatred had a new target on Kenobi now he only wanted to cause pain to the jedi who had ruined him. Mauls conquest for revenge lead him into forging a large criminal alliance called the shadow collective with him being the leader after killing those who disagreed with this change. He also claimed the dark saber after killing the Death Watch leader giving him power over the Mandalorians who followed the code to server the one holding the dark saber. With Death Watch he and the mandos took over Mandalore. For maul this was just a way to get kenobi to come to him as he now had captured satine who obi cared for deeply. His planned worked and with capturing Kenobi he made him watch as maul executed Satine who died in Kenobi's hands. Maul was gaining power and very fast at that so much that sidious had to take action and stop him since he was now seen as a rival to him. Sidious shows up and fights maul and Savage and shows how powerful he actually was as he dismantled both of them killing savage but capturing maul. Maul was captured and tortured but the mandalorions were loyal to him and saved him from his imprisonment and returned to Mandalore. Maul now wanting to kill his old master or at least stop his plans planned on getting Anakin to attack him on mandalore and defeat him so sidious could never use him. This never happened as Ashoka showed up instead of Anakin and order 66 along with the turn of Anakin happened just as planned. After order 66 he was by himself and stayed that way killing inquisitors who tried to kill him until he found out the location of Obiwan. When a now old maul and obiwan meet on tatooine he takes the stance he once did against Qui-gon those years ago and goes for the same trick he used before on obi. Obiwan saw the stance maul took and knew he would go for the same trick so instead when maul attacked he was countered and killed in 3 moves by obiwan in 2BBY.

What drew you to the character role you have selected?
I dont believe this needs answering as we have all seen his introduction in the phantom menace how could I not be.
I mean as a kid the fact that he had a double-bladed lightsaber was truly all it took. But now more so as we actually got to see his character fleshed out in the shows.

What are your character’s main motivations, and how will you use that to drive your story?
My characters motivation is always hatred and revenge. All that kept him alive was rage and the need for revenge at a time. My story will be driven just the same on revenge against anyone who wrongs me.
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Why has your character not joined either the Jedi or Sith with their Force abilities?
He kinda of slaughtered a couple of jedi and almost got killed by his sith master so I dont think hes gonna want to be accepted with open arms to either side at this point.
What is your character’s goal within the Force?
Mauls goal was always to be powerful and bring down those who wronged him and the version of maul that I bring has been wronged by sith and jedi so he wants both gone but is willing to temporarily team up with one side to eliminate the other just you dont know how long this alliance will last.

What is your character’s interpretation of the Force?
Maul know the interpretation of the force well when focused on the darkside of things as he was raised learning from sidious. In this he also had to learn of the jedi way just with the detail of them being wrong.
What is your character’s interpretation of the Jedi and Sith Codes?

What is your connection to this character?
Darth maul was and still is my favorite character from the movies and in gmod Since i started playing StarwarsRp I went on to become maul when ever i got the chance to if he was open.

What is your understanding of this character's origins and history?
I believe i know his story and origin very well as written above

How are you adapting your character to fit into the Reborn timeline?
The maul I want to adopt into the reborn timeline is during the time he was with the crime syndicates. He would not be a Sith or a Jedi but one that would use the others at times to get what he wants and be okay with the criminal side of the server.
What makes you best suited to fill this role?
I know my lore of darth maul and I have been this character but never as one in the time period I'm picking so I want to try and have fun using him as a more advanced story wise character who was not align with the jedi or sith.
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