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    Sukhi Goodbye

    Big sad, my favorite middle eastern no 🧢
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    Fuck you too, lata bitch
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    Zeus is gone epic gamer moment

    Big rip, see ya soon bro<3
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    -1, as whiskey said u can already make good builds, if you want more levels ur just being extra
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    Arata's CC

    +1 would be a good SA should try it out
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    shade’s cc rework

    +100000 this shit go hard
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    Face Reveal V4

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    Face Reveal V4

    pablo.montanez_ on insta
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    Simvoid/Trex bye

    Hopefully you come back dude tat times were fun
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    Faction leader

    your insane
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    Sloth's leave yall called it

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    Sloth's leave yall called it

    Honestly you just being a bit of a crybaby you lost your spot, if you were GM you would have stayed regardless of drama. I’ve learned not to give pity to people who don’t need it. So see ya ig
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    Trizon’s CC

    Lmk when you have shoes then I’ll consider that you carried me
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    Trizon’s CC

    Dude your rank 1 in the discord that’s pretty cringe