Steam Name - AJ
Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:150234913
Ingame Name(s) - Prodigy Darth Uemrarr, Knight Nyeb
Server Playtime - 1w 2d and 11 hr
Garry’s Mod Playtime - 9500 hours
Warn Count - 1
Age - 19

Relevant Experience

Servers - Reborn Gaming, Undead Servers, Imperium Gaming
Roles - Trial GM, GM, GM/Admin


The Gamemaster role requires creativity, knowledge, and most of all, vision.
Answer these questions as best you can to demonstrate these attributes.
Minimum effort will not be tolerated.

What is your level of experience with Garry’s Mod construction and tools?

I have pretty extensive knowledge of GMOD construction and tools on a basic level. I have seen there are some newer addons on the server, so I would definitely need to learn how to use those. Due to my experience with GMing, and GMOD in general, I'd say I am better with construction and tools than most.

Why do you want to become a Gamemaster?

I wish to become a Gamemaster to re-introduce complex and intricate stories back into the server. The server also seems to be looking for more GMs, so I wish to fill the gap that is currently there.

Why should the community support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players?

The community should support my application due to my seasoned past associated with the position I am applying for. I have heard that the server is looking for more GMs, and as a DnD DM, I believe I could bring many good event ideas, and also assist other GMs with their events. I want to give people more to do on the server other than fighting each other, or stealing from each other. What makes me more qualified is my experience in GMOD, the server, and also GMing previously for the server.

Have you ever assisted in an event on Reborn in the past?

I have assisted in events an unknown amount of times over my years of playing Reborn.

How well could you adapt to unplanned circumstances in something you have planned?

I have been playing, and DMing DnD games for about 5 years now, so I feel like I could easily adapt to a variety of incidents or circumstances.

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?

As I said in my Mercenary application, what interests me most about the Star Wars universe is the slice-of-life aspect of it all. From merchants to pirates, to even the common citizens, I believe all have stories to tell, and I love hearing about them.

Now, taking what most interests you, craft a high-quality multi-part storyline (with characters, branches, anything that you see fit) that you could create multiple events from.

The Jedi and Sith hear about an ancient EE bunker upon a planet in the Outer Rim, upon the Alliance scouting out the bunker, they realize that it is extremely fortified, and will most likely need to be sieged for it to be broken into. The Alliance formulates a plan that they must secure a large number of armored vehicles from an EE factory, in order to attack the bunker (event 1). Upon getting the vehicles, the Jedi and Sith assault the bunker and attempt to shut down its ray shields (event 2). After successfully getting inside the bunker, the alliance must kill its officer and claim the bunker for the alliance (event 3).

If your application is accepted, you will be required to start a multi-event storyline as part of your trial. It is recommended that this be the first draft of that storyline.

By signing my name in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:
Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, or neglect of the responsibilities placed on Gamemasters.

By signing my name in the box provided below, I hereby state that I, [AJ], have permission from [Croc and JPL] to make my application, either via forum private message, steam, or in-game.
I also acknowledge that if I am lying about my permission, that I will be denied the right to apply for any Reborn staff position in the future.

NOTE - Gamemasters are not administrative staff. Gamemasters should not use their powers for anything besides their events, unless instructed otherwise by an Admin+.


Kinda short, but the idea is there. From apps I've seen before, it's nice to have one big idea for an event, especially more than a paragraph would be nice. Personally I would try to go into more detail about the event, like instead of just saying they "found out about the bunker", players could discover it themselves, report back to council, they call a meeting, ETC. More details looks better, otherwise I'm excited to see how it turns out in the future, as we do desperately need more GM's.

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