Bring back the glory days

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@Miles and I have been having a discussion as well as reaching out to former dedicated members of the community to ask them and our selves... What happened. We are going to be taking steps to BRING BACK old reborn while keeping alot of the things people like about new reborn. Bring back RP with out removing player progression is my first step. I will try and be very open about my upcoming development ideas and what it means for you guys so you guys are able to give feedback

Trying to bring back the glory days. puttin in 6 hours of development tonight to bust out some changes soon here is the plan.

PHASE 1: -= Skill Tree Redesign =- My first stage of bringing reborn back to a state of equal RP and player progression is to make skill trees less impactful. instead of DEFINING your character and how you play it should only influence. My idea to create this is to make FEWER trees that give less impactful changes. Instead of +10 dmg low in the skill tree makes its only +1 damage. Instead of +60 damage high in the tree maybe its only +8. make it so you do get bonuses but not so much that you are defined by them. this would be similar for health and force powers too obviously.
also give a skill perk EVERY level and just make perks cost more points

They did say they would come back for 4.0, however, they never specifically said a real date when coming back. In my own opinion, I would take my time editing the skill trees.
For example, spend like a month testing them out on a test server that exactly the same as the current one.
Make sure your getting enough sleep and staying hydrated someone has to keep up with yelling at zati xd.
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Haven't played 4.0 yet and im planning to maybe just to give it a try, but this was a huge change for me and as a 1.0 player theres been tons of player loss just because of "change" and change isn't bad. but some people cant get used to it and like things the way they are, For example, when animations were first added tons of classic duelist left because it wasnt there thing and others adapted to it. But the first thing I didnt like about this was the skill tree change before 4.0 came out. It was honestly useless to me and I like the old skill tree and the way it was. But I plan on trying out 4.0 to compare but this change really made me lost interest in the game that i have been playing since 2016

Rde Ren

yeah bring back the glory days when i was owner and emperor those were some good days when shit was actually fun
I like people being scared to OT. I liked when you were emp and you could stand with 1hp on tat and no one would do anything because of fear. that was pretty epic
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