Illumi's Ban Appeal

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Shade Tano

Any ban appeal that is created not using this template will be ignored until is changed to the correct format.

Steam Name and In-Game Name: rathernot imaginethat Student Padawan Illumi
SteamID: STEAM_1:1:593139683
Banning Staff: Dragon
Reason for Ban: alting
Ban Time: perma
What did you do?: using a alt account after being perma
Why you should be unbanned: I just wanna play the game

Proof of any kind would help in appealing your ban. The only ones that can appeal your ban is at least two super admins or one owner. Lying in an appeal will result in an instant denial and an increase in ban time. Insulting the staff team or someone else will result in an instant denial. Any other questions can be asking as a response to this thread. Thanks for the time.


+1 Met him in-game. Wasn't toxic or disrespectful at all. When the staff team DID pull him aside or get him in trouble, the reason wasn't very valid. No disrespect to the staff team whatsoever, but he was a delight playing with and I don't see why he should stay banned. Thanks for your time :)
Not open for further replies.