me ban appeal


Steam Name and In-Game Name: Tyr and Tyr
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:198888973
Banning Staff: Anzati + Caitlyn + Zozo
Reason for Ban: Spoilers
Ban Time: Yes
What did you do?: I said that bitch rey is a skywalker when shes obviously not, what i said was false
Why you should be unbanned:
1- its been a long time
2-rey is not a skywalker
3-its ur problem if u come on the internet and expecting not to see spoilers
4-fuck disney


You weren't banned for spoiling. At least not while I was the owner. It was toxicity. You had already been unbanned for whatever the previous owner/administration banned you for.


After update, only one person will be banned then. Iroc.
that's very wise.... iroc is very bias on his server
he banned me from the sith discord for disrespecting one of his bias staff in character lol

he also made multiple people and staff quit valkyrie
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