Shade Tano ban appeal

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Shade Tano

Any ban appeal that is created not using this template will be ignored until is changed to the correct format.

Steam Name and Discord/Teamspeak name: rathernot imaginethat
Banning Staff: Ronnie
Reason for Ban: harassing players | RDM (on a PvP server) | NITRP

Ban Time: 1 week (yeah i can wait it out but it's fun posting on here)

What did you do?: I Harassed people in RP so that's NITRP. then attacking people on a PvP server is RDM ig

Why you should be unbanned: because I was always in RP and I cant harass someone if I'm roleplaying cause I swore someone called me a slave in rp, but god forbid if I called someone a slave in rp it's over. I can't call anyone names in RP because they get really mad and take it out of RP and say it's toxic because THEY don't know any other words. It makes no sense because I try to tell the staff (ronnie) that I'm Rping but he refuses to listen and thinks I'm not rping at all. All the Evidence that are shown is all in RP. Just because you say it's not in RP doesn't mean it's not. I've been told by that from another staff (pain) i was in a situation that happened with my IRL cat and caused something to happen in-game. I had to RP it out even tho rp was shit they didn't even bother to listen to anything I said. then I ended u getting banned for not wanting to RP because something happened IRL. I guess it's completely fair because whatever I say people have to take it personally and not play the game. It's like Entrapment more than anything. Seems like your not taking the time to think about the situation but instead look at the evidence one-sided and not care to think at all. Why can I RP as a corrupt Jedi because I transferred from sith? ofc it's going to be tuff for me to learn the ways of the Jedi. I don't see a rule saying I can't be aggressive in RP but there is a rule saying ERP but you never see me ERP. Soooooooooo I'm really confused who is like inside my brain and has a lie detector. Cause all the staff team has a lie detector and they know if ur nitrping and rdming on a PVP SERVER.

Proof of any kind would help in appealing your ban. The only ones that can appeal your ban is either a Community Manager or Discord Dev. Lying in an appeal will result in an instant denial and an increase in ban time. Insulting the staff team or someone else will result in an instant denial. Any other questions can be asked in my Discord DMs (Whiskey#6095) or through the forum DMs. Thanks for the time.
-3 bro just got unbanned for hacking, quit being retarded. your block of text of a paragraph literally has you talking about jedi erping like bruh
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