Accepted Storyteller's Gamemaster Application


Steam Name - Swagapino

Steam ID - STEAM_1:1:236499053

Ingame Name(s) - Valerius Daclin

Server Playtime - 12h 45m

Garry’s Mod Playtime - 949.4 hours

Warn Count - 0

Age - 20

Relevant Experience

Servers -

Ace of Spades - Gamemaster and Commander Bly (2-3 months)
FSAS - Head Gamemaster and Naval Commander (4 months)

New Dawn (Ended dev before release) - Perspective Shock XO and MQS Technician
EGS - Head Gamemaster and Naval Commander (1-2 Months)


The Gamemaster role requires creativity, knowledge, and most of all, vision.

Answer these questions as best you can to demonstrate these attributes.
Minimum effort will not be tolerated.

What is your level of experience with Garry’s Mod construction and tools?

I'm not highly experienced with construction tools and dupes are definitely an area I lack skill in, but am always hoping to improve in.

Why do you want to become a Gamemaster?

While I've had tons of bad experiences with server management in my many hours as both gamemaster, head gamemaster, and player. After the most recent community meeting I decided that this server's management teams is non-toxic and efficient. I dearly hope to interact more with the community and help improve the server through my experience as a gamemaster

Why should the community support your application, and what makes you more qualified than other players?

I hope the community will support my willingness to put thought and care into my craft, and the fact that I want to give all my passion towards this project if accepted.

Have you ever assisted in an event on Reborn in the past?

No I have not, I unfortunately have not spent considerable time on the server while events where active, but from what I have seen the gamemaster team seems willing and passionate towards their craft.

How well could you adapt to unplanned circumstances in something you have planned?

I go into events with an open mind, which is a skill I have learned both from my experience as Gamemaster as well as my experience as a long-term Dungeon Master for multiple DnD campaigns. I pride myself in adaptability and the understanding that part of the players' fun is their freedom.

What interests you most in the Star Wars universe?

I mostly love the lore aspect of the universe, I love reading about various storylines and timelines not shown in the movies.

Now, taking what most interests you, craft a high-quality multi-part storyline (with characters, branches, anything that you see fit) that you could create multiple events from.

Warplan Beskar:

Event 1 - Operation Heaven’s Gate:
A sith event set on Tatooine. Tusken Raiders are incentivized by an outside force to assault Mos Eisley, bringing the participants into a wave defense mission. Very light defense mission lasting maybe 30 minutes to an hour

Event 2 - Operation Red Sand:
A sith event set on Tatooine. Players are sent to Jabba’s Palace to take on a rogue mandalorian clan there who are revealed to be the ones inciting the Tuskens to attack. Players fight through a few npc troops alongside one or two event characters. Second half of the event will be players following a lead trying to find the location of the remnants of the clan so that they may be made an example of. Event ends with players extracting information from a gangster and learning that the clan's leadership is based on Nar Shaddaa.

Event 3 - Operation Rancor Throne:
A sith event set on Nar Shaddaa. Players sweep through the city being skirmished by the occasional resistance. Players must rp capturing and interrogating a bartender, only to learn that the clan is already on the offensive and should be arriving at Korriban any time now. The players reach Korriban as it's being sacked and plundered, and must cut off the exit of the Clan in order to make sure they don't make off with any of their relics.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to start a multi-event storyline as part of your trial. It is recommended that this be the first draft of that storyline.


By signing my name in the box provided below, I hereby state that I have read and fully understand all of requirements and expectations placed on our staff members, including, but not limited to:

Suspension/demotion due to inactivity, abuse, or neglect of the responsibilities placed on Gamemasters.

[ Storyteller]


By signing my name in the box provided below, I hereby state that I, [Storyteller], have permission from [Vasu] to make my application, either via forum private message, steam, or in-game.

I also acknowledge that if I am lying about my permission, that I will be denied the right to apply for any Reborn staff position in the future.

[Storyteller ]


Your events are a pretty baseline tldr of what would take place, but it seems like you know what you're doing and can create a basic line to follow and can expand upon it, you have my Support +1. Good luck!


Senior Gamemaster
Same thing as Xidant said about events plus I think we need a few Jedi events rather than them all being sith related or just some cross faction events tho I believe that you can Expand and learn over time so you have my Support +1