Tyr's 69th ban appeal

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: Tyr Tyr Tyr
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:198888973
Server: (Jedi vs Sith or Skyrim): bruh?
Banning Staff: Caitlyn, ZoZo and Anzati
Reason for Ban: Spoilers
Ban Time: Perma
What did you do?: I said a Rise of Skywalker spoilers by accident
Why you should be unbanned: It has been months since i got banned but now i assure you i got better, i know i said this in my previous ban appeal but this time i'm so serious plus it's stupid to perma ban someone for posting spoilers, seems like your fucking problem if you cry about a guy posting spoilers IN THE INTERNET

also unban on forums and discord too pls


Honestly you never seem to change. You have been a godly amount of chances to stay in community and you always end up being stupid and toxic. At this point you are sounding like RDE (sorry) when it comes to "I will change." I doubt you will change very much and maybe for a little you will but it will end up like every other time. -3


-2 No thanks. I always want to give people other chances, but it seems like you don't want to be given your 69th chance. Even this app isn't serious.


-1 one of the most toxic people, also you kinda made grey Jedi not fun cause of how much you broke those rules and killed people without reason.


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Your appeal is still insulting to those who banned you, and you have made no effort to change anything in the last two weeks. An apology might go a long way. Preferably an apology without immediately insulting people again.
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