Tyr's Ban Appeal

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Steam Name and In-Game Name: Tyr
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:198888973
Server: (Jedi vs Sith or Skyrim): bruh?
Banning Staff: Caitlyn, ZoZo and Anzati (damn it took 3 staff to ban me)
Reason for Ban: Spoilers
Ban Time: Perma
What did you do?: I said an avengers endgame spoilers by accident
Why you should be unbanned: It has been months since i got banned but now i assure you i got better, i know i said this in my previous ban appeal but this time i'm so serious plus it's stupid to perma ban someone for posting spoilers, seems like your fucking problem if you cry about a guy posting spoilers IN THE INTERNET

also unban on forums and discord too pls


fucking bozo
you absolute fucking bafoon
the absolute comedic relief from this one post is hilarious
i started crying


+1 It has been months since his ban and he 100% deserves a second chance from his actions and I believe he will be more reformed than the last bad encounter.
Not open for further replies.