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    What do you want added to REBORN

    okay, i know i've been hovering around long past my welcome, since i already left the server a while ago. my problem was the toxicity and burnout; there simply wasnt enough to do at max level besides fight people or hope that i got DC, shit like that. if there was more to do, i would've stayed.
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    Replace the Climb SWEP

    i don't play on the server, but that's false. you can climb over any surface if you're good enough. climb swep takes practice, grapple hook is the loser's way out. especially with the 6 jump thing. besides that, im 90% sure it was deemed that bhopping with climb swep was against the rules (at...
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    im going to have evan make it so that way every time you press w or click you automatically get VAC banned from garry's mod
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    i wasn't aware you spent all your time dealing with DEX????
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    don't lie to yourself, your only real title is "DEX's Bitch"
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    my title is simply "the inactive yet still sometimes interacts with the community for no other reason except that he's bored"
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    Show Your Best Moments On Reborn (screenshots)

    im here to post my shitty meme and then leave again. bye
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    Steely's Staff App Attempt #2

    came back from retirement just to say this: steely, you're beaned permanently from my christian roblox server for stealing the name i gave to you on my discord server 7 months ago to use on this server. -1 you nerd.
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    Ben is homophobic

    its not that you said someone was a furry or gay or whatever, it's that you did it in an IC situation and it should've been OOC. shouldn't go around calling people gay furries in advert, no one should be.
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    Go Back to Clone Wars

    +17. [insert meme here]
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    ban appeal

    -1. perhaps if you had been selling the hyperballs, this would be a +1 or a neutral, but you were mass dropping them at spawn. it's unacceptable, and i think should should stay banned.
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    ScaryLions Staff App

    -12. no overview of the positions, dimwit! +1. As staff, you were most definitely one of the best the server has seen. You were active daily for as long as you could be, you usually took sits more than any other admin or sr.admin, and you were an excellent player as well.
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    Pallox's Gamemaster Thread

    -1. Pallox, you are an absolute unit. I've seen you RP in the past and you always tended to be a minge. Just recently you were warned for your "RPing", in which you RDMed someone. You may be improving, but not enough to be GM. P.S. You stink.
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    Dark_Energon16 Gamemaster Application

    its not that you didn't give him perms, it's that he is now too lazy to fix the user permission clause on his app even tho i did it for him.