Koints Discord Ban Appeal

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Steam Name and Discord/Teamspeak name: Koint#7158

Banning Staff: Caitlyn

Reason for Ban: Toxicity and Mute evasion

Ban Time: Perma

What did you do?: Argued with Caitlyn over general chat, I was a bit toxic (I called her an Ape at one point I think) then I was muted for 7 Days. when muted it only muted me from a couple of chats like general and some other chats so things like #art #memes all the MC stuff were not muted for me cause the permissions with the mute role weren't set up. So I typed in the other chats, then I was banned for mute evasion.

Why you should be unbanned: It has almost been 2 months since my ban and I am sorry for the toxicity towards Caitlyn but I personally don't think it should be a Permaban for mute evasion. I have waited a couple of months to write the appeal so the heat would die down, and I would like to be thrown back into the community due to there not being any server to talk to the community yet. Overall I would like to apologize to Caitlyn for that toxic convo and I hope we can put that past us.


Super Admin
Tbh you could've posted your appeal when the mute should've ended, but I guess you wanted to wait longer for some reason. Last time you argued to argue which isn't good, so don't do that again and you'll be fine.

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